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    Brewnaldos brewday

    That's what I do with lagers. Wish I had space for a beer fridge.
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    Brewnaldos brewday

    Once it's carbonated and then stored cold it should become compact on the bottom of the bottle. Depending on temperature outdoors, after cold storing for a couple of weeks, consider getting as many in the fridge as you can for another 2 weeks and after that, the longer the better!
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    New forum teething problems..

    I'm logged out after every session (android - chrome) even when I mark the box "stay logged in." Anyone else?
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    Free ingredients

    I would agree with the above, it will certainly store fine for a long time if kept dry and in an airtight container (malt) with hops in the freezer. If you still want to get rid, I would be happy to collect from you
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    Beer Gravity Not Changing - Please Help! :?:

    1.014 is within the range of a normal finishing gravity. If it's all grain, than its possible your mash temperature was slightly too high. If it's a kit brew, I believe they can sometimes not attenuate all the way sometimes. For example, if brewing a stout or a bitter, it's common to aim for a...
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    Why are Tilts so expensive and can you justify the cost of buying them

    You can get similar called an Ispindel which you need to put together yourself. The parts cost about £30. I guess the 4x markup for something already made for you is labour, profit (manufacture and resaler), import fees potentially, warranty etc. I bought an Ispindel from someone on Jim's...
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    Brewnaldos brewday

    This is the lager right? Yes I would allow temp to rise up to 18-19c and hold for a few days. If you're needing to heat to raise temperature, allow a degree or two per day.
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    Mini Keg Priming

    What type of keg? Is it the easy kegs / mini kegs that you can often buy in shops with beer in or are you meaning a proper keg? For the easy kegs / mini kegs, 12g table sugar is about the maximum they can take. For dextrose, up to 14g roughly.
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    Galaxy SmASH help

    Haven't tried M44 but I think it will be very similar to US05, as in both are neutral to allow the hops to shine. I've moved from US-05 to the CML "Five - US Ale" yeast for this type of beer as it's cheaper and does the same for me.
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    Stuck fermentation of 7% West Coast IPA All grain Wyeast 1065

    Did your hydrometer read 1.000 in water?
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    Brewnaldos brewday

    I think the bits will just be clumps of protein from the malt extract boil that will naturally settle to the bottom (trub). I would add the yeast asap after cooling to prevent any other bacteria taking hold beforehand. No need to ferment lager yeasts at lager temps just ferment at room...
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    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    Hmm, yes as soon as I had put them in and realised I hadn't pureed I was concerned. They're in a 5l water bottle so will keep a little pressure with the lid on and release as needed. Fingers crossed
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    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    Did they float? I meant to puree them beforehand but forgot. Will drop temp to see if they sink but otherwise will bottle from underneath with a syphon
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    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    That's definately a good idea. I don't have a bottle capper though unfortunately as only use swing tops. They are 330ml's so should get at least 15+ bottled. I never brew larger than 10l batches so I'm used to smaller returns. I'll put them away and forget after tasting one of each - I have a...
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    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    It certainly won't last long! If I like either I will certainly brew a full size batch (10l in my case). Don't plan to age for more than a month or so given the small batch. Will know if I like it after a month or so in the bottle enough to consider making again. Save a few to age for a while...
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    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    Will certainly update in a month or so!
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    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    Split the batch today into two batches. Added blueberries which I had vac sealed and pasteurised in a water bath at 70c for an hour. 3.5l into an empty 5l water bottle with the blueberries. For the remaining 2l in the fermenter I added 5g of bourbon cask oak chips. Will leave both for a week...
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    PH adjustment.

    Have a look at this thread to get you started
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    Priming and Carbonation

    I've heard of people adding no priming sugar at all but usually it's with high OG, high FG beers like a Russian Imperial Stout where it's likely that over a year in the bottle to condition, the bottle may over carbonate. For things like an English bitter or similar styles 1.5 vols carbonation...
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    Stuck fermentation of 7% West Coast IPA All grain Wyeast 1065

    You're right. I think that's what I suggested above.
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