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  1. Rich27

    CO2 Bulbs

    Hi all, My pressure keg has an s30 valve in the cap (non piercing pin type) and I'm wondering if I can just purchase a standard screw on bulb holder and a pack of 8g bulbs or do I need the adapter with the piercing pin? Many thanks
  2. Rich27

    Hard cider

    Hi all A friend of ours has a small apple orchard and makes his own apple juice. As he gives us so much of the stuff I thought, why not make some rough cider with it so I put 5 litres into a demi, sprinkled a small amount of cider yeast then applied the bung and bubbler. It's been bubbling...
  3. Rich27

    Brewing kits

    Hi all, I'm giving home beer making a go again after many years away from the bobby. Since then my beer tastes have evolved away from lager (yuk) and for the last 10 years or so have been a real ale drinker with my favourites being nice hoppy IPA's. I'm planning to start off with a couple of...