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  1. jon_ish

    Hop bag, strainer or all the gloop into the FV?

    I have made 8AG brews now in a Bulldog brewer. The hops I have been using are all pellet. After the wort has been chilled, I have been letting it settle to get as much of the hops to settle as possilbe. However, by the time the brewer is drained into the FV there are still a few litres of gloop...
  2. jon_ish

    Bulldog brewer v2

    I am using a Bulldog brewer v2. Would have liked a Braumeister but couldnt run to it. I have done 7 all grain brews and they just get better, it is one of the best movesI have ever made. Question for any one using all in one brewers, If you are using almost all of the boil liquid in the mash...