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  1. UKSkydiver

    Top things to improve brews

    What are the top things we can do to improve our brews? I don’t have the answers, but I’m looking for you experienced guys to chip in please. My ideas, but not based on fact, just what I’ve read here, so please feel free to add to or delete from the list and change the order. 1. Cleaning and...
  2. UKSkydiver

    Czech lager, decoction and step mashing

    Hi All I'm planning my next brew and have decided on a Czech dark lager, but all the recipes I've been looking at so far either have a decoction mash or step mash required. This will only be my second all grain (and will be a small batch BIAB) and fourth overall, so I'm a baby brewer. I've...
  3. UKSkydiver

    SS Growler and Conditioning

    Hi All I have taken a look on the forum but didn't find an exact match to my question. Following a very nice brewery tour at Chiltern Brewery, I now have a 2 litre stainless steel growler: Can I prime and condition my...
  4. UKSkydiver

    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    AG#1 - Mad Boris Russian Imperial Stout I started my first AG BIAB on Boxing Day, and I thought I’d share my notes and learning points. Apologies for the overly long post and if you’re an expert / experienced brewer this might not be for you and you might want to stop here. It’s probably best...
  5. UKSkydiver

    Less hoppy, more malty.

    I've been drinking lager since I was a teen. Never really got into bitter / real ale as a drink. In the last 12-18 months, I've been drinking stouts, and darker ales, such as mild, and dark Belgian and Czech beers. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that I don't really like 'hoppy' ales, can't...
  6. UKSkydiver

    Stuck or Done?

    Looking for a pointer please – this is my very first brew and I’ve been reading a ton for a week or more and getting lots of information… not sure what I should do for the best… It looks like I may have stuck fermentation (or a long lag time down to amount of yeast / brew strength) . I...
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