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  1. Klemay83

    Pectolase addition for cherry stout

    Hmm think I'll chuck in an extra few kilos. I'm going to let it sit on the cherries for 4-6 weeks and see how it turns out.
  2. Klemay83

    Pectolase addition for cherry stout

    I'm bewing a cherry stout tomorrow. Using a kit as a base. I'm going to add pectolase as I will rack the stout onto a kilo or so of frozen cherries and put it secondary for a few weeks. I'm going to add pectolase to aid with getting the juices out the cherries. Should I add this in primary...
  3. Klemay83

    Cherry stout

    I think I whack it on a load of frozen cherries for a few weeks after its primary and see what happens. I tried adding cherry concentrate to a stout once before bottling and the flavour didn't come through at all in most of the bottles. The wedding is going to be mostly bikers no...
  4. Klemay83

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Had a bottle of IPA from the Deeside brewery , not bad quite a traditional tasting sort of IPA. Second was a bottle of brewdog Elvis Juice. Never fails to disappoint.
  5. Klemay83

    Cherry stout

    So the mother in laws wedding is due next April and I'm making a couple of brews for it. One is a cherry stout. I'm using a St Peters cream stout kit for it and adding cherries. I was told that sour cherries are best to use , but I can only seem to find dried ones in supermarkets or online. Any...
  6. Klemay83

    Retaining fruit flavours in TC's.

    Thanks Roddy. I'm making cider for my girlfriends mothers wedding next year and trying to get it right.
  7. Klemay83

    Retaining fruit flavours in TC's.

    Say I'm doing a peach cider, would racking off into a couple of tines of peach halves( with juice/syrup) and doing a secondary work?
  8. Klemay83

    Retaining fruit flavours in TC's.

    I've made 3 or 4 different turbo ciders with mixed results. A common thing I've found is that if it's a flavoured cider ( I've done raspberry , mango , and peach, passion fruit and mango. ) the flavouring from the fruit juice has not really come through and the cider can often have quite a tart...
  9. Klemay83

    Hi all

    True... I used to spend many an evening creeping round the Asda car park after dark...
  10. Klemay83

    Hi all

    Ah another fellow Scot onboard the good ship Homebrew Forum. Welcome!
  11. Klemay83

    Alcohol taste

    I've got this with a vimto wine I made, and it's pure rocket fuel... One glass and it's bedtime. I suspect it's just due to the high amount of sugar that's in the recipie that gets converted to alcohol. It doesnt go away vimto wine is over a year old and the alcohol taste is just as...
  12. Klemay83

    Small Batch Experiments

    Before I built my kit up a bit I used to do small batch brew. What I found was more, maybe not beneficial but certainly worthwhile, was doing a 10L batch instead of a 5Litre batch. Split the batch, keep 5L as the recipe I'd brewed and then expiriment with dry hopping the other 5L. I just found...
  13. Klemay83

    Coopers Original Stout Review

    Bottle a whole batch of this Last week. I made it a chocolate stout. I also did 8 bottles with 1.5ml of Salted caramel flavouring. And 8 bottles with 3ml of cherry concentrate. I was impatient so I cracked open a bottle of the basic choc stout last night. It's a good pint already... So come the...
  14. Klemay83

    What has more calories

    who cares, get fat, be happy you have beer :)
  15. Klemay83

    Back after a break

    Hi All, i'm back after a break of about a year and a half... My local brew supply shop closed down and also the homebrew club which the owner of the shop when all that happened i lost interest and it became a bit of a headache to get supplies. But i'm back at it! 4 brews on the...
  16. Klemay83

    Raspberry TC

    i used fresh raspberries before and the outcome was way too tart. I had to add a bit of syrup to the glass when pouring to sweeten. if i did it again i would just use the syrup in the cider instead of fresh raspberries.
  17. Klemay83

    Seeking lighter coloured malt!

    i think the Malt Miller have a clone kit of Ghostship. IIRC it uses golden Promise, Crystal Rye and Carapils
  18. Klemay83

    TC recipe with these ingredients

    Roddy, cheers matey! i'll probably strain the juices through a paint filter. and i'll do what i did when i made a Toffee Apple cider with pear halves. mash them up and sanitise with a bit of boiled water.
  19. Klemay83

    TC recipe with these ingredients

    My good lady has requested me to make her some cider since its been a couple of years since i've done any. i'm a little rusty on knocking one up. today i went out and got 3L Don Simon Apple, Mango and Passion Fruit Juice 1L of Tesco Apple, Peach, Passion Fruit and Mango Juice 1L of Tesco apple...
  20. Klemay83

    Electric brewery controller build

    Next year i'll be getting round to building a shed/brewshed in the garden and will be moving the majority of my brewing out there. in the mean time my plans is to start to put together various elements. So today i picked up an old ticket printing machine from work. The great thing about where...
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