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  1. AdrianTrace

    Free Bottles and airing cupboard...

    ...converted into stacking crates for the bottles :cheers3: Having converted the old airing cupboard into beer crates ( I've shifted more to Cornies, so I have too many bottles. I'm keeping my Scottish &...
  2. AdrianTrace


    Part of a job lot of 2012 hops that I bought last year was 250g of Strisselspalt. I used 30g dry hopping the Hammer of Thor kit, which is a little underwhelming. Given that this is a 4 year old aromatic hop, and my freezer is now filling up with hops, it's time to be rid of it. Currently...
  3. AdrianTrace

    Recycling: Rustic Beer Crates (with pics)

    Demolished a built in wardrobe that turned out to be an ex-airing cupboard, leaving me a stack of wood. Not being one to let this go to waste, I worked out I could make 6 16-bottle crates from them, to try to tidy up my current beer "storage" area. The plastic bags are causing a bit of damp...
  4. AdrianTrace

    Boxing Day Brew

    After a nice long walk with Sammy, the kids and the dog, I had a few hours spare.. Sammy having a snooze, the kids parked in front of the TV... Time to brew :thumb: Boxing Day APA Fermentables: 1kg Extra Light DME, dissolved and straight to FV 1.5kg Light LME, warmed in boiler and poured into...
  5. AdrianTrace

    Extract Brew: SummAht Good

    I'm hoping it will be, anyway :whistle: Friday brewnight :party: as The Boss is out with the other ladies tonight, I'm going for a light APA (my past 4 brews have been 6.2%, 5.4%, 7.3% and 10%) Fermentables 2kg Extra Light DME straight to FV 250g Caramalt 40L Hops 2014 Summit...
  6. AdrianTrace

    Adnams Mosaic - £1.10 in M&S

    330ml bottles of Jack Brand Mosaic Pale Ale by Adnams on clearance in Hedge End M&S at £1.10 a bottle- I can't speak for other stores. 1 bottle of this (in the M&S single hop range) a couple of weeks ago has led to me ordering 400g of Mosaic :thumb:
  7. AdrianTrace

    Barleywine Boilathon

    That went well :doh: Not! Fermentables: 3kg extra light DME (1.5 kg dissolved in the main boil to darken, 1.5kg to add towards the end of the boil) 500g Caramalt 30*L 250g CaraMunich Type II 120 EBC Hops: 15g Admiral FWH (end of grain steep) 10g EKG & 5g Admiral 10 mins 10g EKG steep 10g EKG...
  8. AdrianTrace

    Yeast Procedure for Next Beer?

    Hi Everybody I have planned my next 3 beers, but I need some advice on how to go about sorting the yeast for them as this will decide which I brew tonight as Sammy is out with the girls leaving me in charge of the kids... Brew Night! I have not sorted the order (and I have plans for...
  9. AdrianTrace

    PBX IPA Extract Brew

    I've been planning a slightly higher gravity beer this week, as I wanted to reuse the Nottingham yeast cake from last weeks brew. I wanted to do an English-hopped IPA, and have read positive reviews of Pilgrim with Bramling Cross so: Fermentables: 500g Light Caramalt steeped at 68*C 3kg...
  10. AdrianTrace

    Too much bitterness! Brewtarget error

    Although it's probably user error :doh: My first few extract brews have come out spot on for OG per Brewtarget, but the final beers have been waaaaay more bitter than expected. I've found the culprit: the boil SG figure shows as 1.000 (which is close, as I only have the steeped grains adding...
  11. AdrianTrace

    Extract #3: Herk SMaSH!

    My bulk hop eBay purchase earlier this year had a bag of Herkules in it, the beer named itself, so off we go :-D No pictures today as I was brewing whilst feeding, bathing and putting to bed two children :thumb: which is why I chose the straightforward SMaSH brew. Malt: 2 x 1.5kg HBC...
  12. AdrianTrace

    ARRGH! CO2 Cylinder Leaking!

    The cylinder that came with the cornies I bought has started leaking from around the valve stem when I open it :-( I had a slight leak last weekend but could open the valve fully, then close it a little and it stopped, but tonight the gas is just coming out (white vapour streams, so not a...
  13. AdrianTrace

    Budget pressure barrel - Spares or Repairs - Free

    Another plastic pressure barrel available, of the standard Boots/Wilko style with 2" lid. Free to collect. Will need a new lid (see but otherwise sound. In Botley, Hampshire.
  14. AdrianTrace

    S30 Valve Failures

    My pressure barrels have been in storage, followed by the shed for 3 years, so got their S30 valve seals changed and new taps before use :thumb: And a thorough clean and sterilisation. The SS S30 valve on my beersphere leaks, possibly due to leaving it with steriliser in it for those 3 years...
  15. AdrianTrace

    Beersphere - Spares or Repair

    This has spent 3 years in storage/shed. When I pressure tested it the barrel, tap and plates were fine, but the valve is leaking. Replacement valve is around a tenner (e.g., but then you're...
  16. AdrianTrace

    HBC Giveaway: Bruphoria Dead Phony IPA

    Thanks to a last minute drop out from the competition, I was lucky enough to get my grubby mitts on a Bruphoria Dead Phony IPA kit. Contents: 2x 1.5kg Cans of Liquid Malt Extract Vial of Hop Oil/Extract Vacuum pack which should hold hop teabags for dry hopping (Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic) Pack of...
  17. AdrianTrace

    Extract No.2 - Porter

    Having successfully negotiated my first full extract brewday on Sunday, and got it done and cleaned in just over 3 hours, I decided to do an after work brew this evening :thumb: No Name Porter 3kg Light DME 1kg Light Crystal Malt 500g Dark Crystal Malt 475g Chocolate Malt 50g Black Malt 22g...
  18. AdrianTrace

    First Extract Brew - Blue Admiral

    I finally got around to using the adapted Lidl boiler and the 10mm copper pipe cooler I put together 3 years ago before moving house (which did take 2 years!). The boiler has had the thermostat adjusted to give a nice rolling boil with the lid half on :thumb: Fermentables: 2.5kg Light DME 500g...
  19. AdrianTrace

    Any plumbers about?

    I'm currently ripping out our old bathroom and have hit a little hitch. We've moved into the inlaws house whilst they are on holiday, so it's not too urgent: The cold water pipe coming into the bathroom is in old money (i believe). About 16mm or so. Does anyone know if/where I can get a...
  20. AdrianTrace

    ...and so it begins

    Went to the tip today as I'm clearing out the in-laws place that we've been renovating. Sitting on top of all the crap there, just in reach, is a curver coolbox identical to this :party: Looks clean, smells clean, has a broken handle. Mash tun sorted :twisted: Internally, useable space is...
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