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    Mixed Gas Regulator wanted

    I have one available. Not sure of how much to post .Send me pm if interested :cheers:
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    Wilko Fruit of the Forest cider

    I have a batch of this bottled at the moment brewed short to 20L and added 2 kg brewing sugar - Its come out above 8% :( I think its too strong .. If you can say such a thing about cider! Taste nice tho..
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    Woodfordes, Sundew Review

    Ok i am drinking another as I type and it is again greatly improved - The 'water down Wherry' feel has completely gone and it now tastes clear and fresh - I probably wont do this kit again but if i did this is one that benefits from a 3 months in the bottle before drinking. Luckily i still have...
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    Happiness is? ....

    New windows in the Man Cave And a healthy stock take
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    Woodfordes Wherry Review

    I brew all kits to 20l including wherry. Enjoying it now. Very nice :cheers:
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    newly bottled lager

    I have just brought a batch back inside having found they are all flat :doh: They had been two weeks inside the house but it was in early December in an unheated room. The next batch spent the same time in he house in a heated room and is well fizzy. So just to say with the current low temps...
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    Youngs Harvest Pilsner review

    Tried my first last night. Been about 6 weeks in the battle well carbonated with a steady flow of bubbles. Head retention was good and it was very clear. Taste was fine. A bit young but very drinkable. Brewed with 1 kg brewing sugar and 500g light spray malt to 20L :cheers:
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    Youngs Harvest Bitter review

    Funny enough I tried my first pint of this last night. Also picked up in the sale. Brewed to 20L with 1kg brewing sugar and 500g light spray malt. It's been in the bottle about a month. Well impressed it had lots of flavour seemed to have a nutty quality ( but I was watching the worlds end at...
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    newbie from south wales

    The take over continues :thumb: Welcome I am just starting to drink my Wilco Pear Cider - A little strong at 8%+ but nice :cheers:
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    Gas stove

    Here is a plug for site sponsor viewtopic.php?f=13&t=49789 :cheers:
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    Coopers European Lager - getting it right every time

    You said you would be brewing to 25 L , most kits are designed to be brewed to 23 L. I have taken advice here and always brew kits to 20 L to imprive flavour. Good Luck and enjoy :thumb:
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    Special Delivery !

    Seems a good size match for the pot
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    Special Delivery !

    Yes got it from Rob. I have had my 50L pot for 12 months ( unused ) so i am settting myself the target fo first AG brew within the Month :cheers:
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    Special Delivery !

    Christmas present from my parents arrived today :thumb: "Cat included for scale. Your cat may be different size"
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    Temp at 15 degrees, can I add a heater now?

    I have done that kit several times and never got anywhere near 1005. Most kits are good to bottle when they have had the same reading for 3 days and it's around 1010 . That temp is a little low in my opinion. Aim for 18-20 next time. :cheers:
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    Relieving pressure from kegs

    And this link appears to have a video showing how to purge and remove it. All at your own risk of course ( i dont speak spanish) ... eg-373240/
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    Relieving pressure from kegs

    Found this picture - so its definitely a version of spear and not just a cap. ... 46635.html
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    Woodfordes, Sundew Review

    I had another last night and it was greatly improved in the past 3 weeks.. will see how another couple of weeks improve it :thumb:
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    Wilkinson Cerveza

    Have a read here. viewtopic.php?f=58&t=28547
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    Do you return your own glass?

    Like HM having worked a bar I always return my glass. And clear the table of others if we are all leaving . The only time I don't is if the bar is three deep and no obvious place to return them to. :cheers:
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