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  1. chrissyr63

    How to cold crash a fruit beer

    Hi Have done the GH raspberry wheat beer - added the mashed up fruit to fv after 2 days as per recipe. Been fermenting for 2 more weeks and is down to 1.012 - again as recipe. Question is what is the best way to cold crash for another week before I put it into a cornie? Just cc it withe fruit...
  2. chrissyr63

    Hobgoblin AG

    So plan to do a take on Orfs Hobgoblin recipe at the weekend in my new Klarstein ( second brew). Using up what I have but trying to stay in the same ballpark. Pale malt 4.3kg Crystal 360g Chocolate malt 100g Mash 67c for 60 min and a 75c mashout for 15 mins. Sparge up to volume ( still working...
  3. chrissyr63

    Klarstein first date

    So today I used my new Klarstein 30l recirculation system. Decided to do a Kolsch (based on GH recipe but with hops I had). 4kg Lager malt 0.5kg Carapils Hops went a bit funny as by my list (which I try and keep up-to-date!) I had some Hallertauer hops but the label had broken down so couldn't...
  4. chrissyr63

    Buffalo boiler elements replacement

    So I think the element in my buffalo boiler is at it's end - doing a beer at the weekend just wouldn't heat the wort. Few years old and given good service. A quick look and it might be replaceable but cost seem to be about £50 (nisbets) - better to just get something new (an excuse for a all in...
  5. chrissyr63

    Hop growing 2019

    I know I'm a bit early! But - my wife bought me a couple of hop roots for my birthday in October and they have just arrived. Look a bit dry but what should I do with them? I would like to start them off in pots - have a couple of Aldi self watering pots (about 30cm*30*30) would these work for...
  6. chrissyr63

    Forgot to add the irish moss

    Did a brew yesterday and realised today that I forgot to add any irish moss into the boil. It's now in fv and fridge at 20c. Now my usual process would be 2 weeks in fv then crash to as low as possible over a couple of days - usually get to about 2-3c. Then into a cornie and force carb and left...
  7. chrissyr63

    So how long will a counter flow bottle last

    I filled a couple of 1lt plastic bottles from my kegs ( 1stored at 20 psi and 1 at 5 psi ) how long should they keep their pressure \condition in a fridge? Is it days weeks or months?
  8. chrissyr63

    Brewing wine is a faff

    I've made a couple of 30 bottle wine kits recently and aren't they a faff! Mixing and fermenting goes nice and easy but: Degassing over 3-4 days Stabilising Finings A Finings B Rack and bottle (cleanse, sterilise 30 bottles) Let it settle for a few weeks or months. Am I over working here...
  9. chrissyr63

    Boil off increase

    My last to brews have undershot on on litre - aim for 23-24 but have been near 21. Is this just the summer heat that is causing this? Would people add more water\wort or shorten the boil (doing 70 mins)? Didn't liquor back but might do if this is what summer is going to do.
  10. chrissyr63

    Cornie kegs for sale

    Hi all Have 3 cornie kegs for sale £35 each or £95 for all 3. All recently been in use, hold pressure and just been cleaned. Are ball valve version Would prefer collection from either Devon or west London.
  11. chrissyr63

    Under pressure brewing

    Hi all i have been looking at info on using kegs as fermentors and using pressure to speed up the process. I have a couple of 25 lt kegs and think they could be used to ferment to a final 19 lt keg. Plan is to brew a 20 lt batch and then use the big keg to ferment and use one of these to...
  12. chrissyr63

    Chilled too early - doh

    Hi all, just did a big error - I have 2 brew fridges and only have access to them at the weekends (it is a holiday cottage). So I had 2 beers going - one was a week in and had went to 1.010 where I wanted it the other 2 weeks in and again got to the level I wanted (1.012). What I meant to...
  13. chrissyr63

    Forgot to stabilise

    Hi have just racked off a juice wine - it had been fermenting for 2 weeks and went from 1.080 to 0.994. I added 1 campden tablets per 5 lts and also added Kwik Clear finings but no stabiliser. I won't be able to do anything with the wine until Wednesday (3 days) should I add the stabiliser...
  14. chrissyr63

    Wine and water

    hi all, I do mainly AG beer brewing and there is lots of stuff around the water treatment. Just starting up with wines and wondered if any of that is relevant? As examples: a) Campden tab to remove chlorine etc b) soft or hard water treatments (more for a better mash) But for wine (kits or...
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