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  1. Jonniepeek

    Show us your brew space

    Lucky to have a double garage, bar is a work in progress but working well.
  2. Jonniepeek

    Split Rims Tube + 3kw Element, Unused since new

    Sent u a pm. Thanks.
  3. Jonniepeek

    Calling all Klarstein Owners.

    Yes just rest on top ,it does not quite sit straight flat but does that really matter while it is mashing, cant see that been an issue really, it did get a tad blocked up while I was draining after boil just had to use my SS paddle to scrape off the residue , just tasted my second brew a lovely...
  4. Jonniepeek

    Calling all Klarstein Owners.

    Yes standard bazooka what u will need is a 1/2"bsp female to 1/2"bsp female Standard 12v pump from fleabay again this is 1/2" bsp connection. I ues two (new) felxi shower hoses to connect kettle to pump and pump to fly sparge. I will take some photo tommorow to hopefully help you out. It...
  5. Jonniepeek

    Calling all Klarstein Owners.

    They are on Ebay today cancel your Amazon and get brewing, its a great piece of kit and for the price, i cant praise it enough
  6. Jonniepeek

    Calling all Klarstein Owners.

    1500w does boil but not realy good enough for a full 25l 3000w certainly gives it a good rolling boil, never had any issues.
  7. Jonniepeek

    Calling all Klarstein Owners.

    I got one of the above in December. I sing its praise to be honest. I have compete 3 brew with it and its great for the money brilliant. Build quality is good and no issues I have came across. Heats up quickly and holds a mash temp well. I have added a hop buzzaka which has helped. Baught a...
  8. Jonniepeek

    Corny Kegs racking/drinking

    i have found and has worked on many styles, ferment beer for 7-10days in bucket rack off to secondary ( pressure barrel) cold crash for 1 week then rack into corney keg set psi to 20-30 psi depending no style leave another week and bingo clear carbed beer, of course, the longer you leave the...
  9. Jonniepeek

    Extract brew help/ question

    Very good point, i am always a believer in you pay for what you get, i have always used mutons and never had any issues. tried to find some fancy organic stuff once to see if it made a difference but could not find any
  10. Jonniepeek

    Extract brew help/ question

    Thanks everybody! i knew there was a reason i joined!! :grin::thumb:
  11. Jonniepeek

    Extract brew help/ question

    Thanks guys that the perfect answer! looking forward to getting a bit more involvement. I bought a 15l pot so i will experiment with that . do you guys ever just make your own recepes up? for example: 3kg of light extract 500g of CaraGold 500g of Pale Cara Malt Vic Secret hops...
  12. Jonniepeek

    Extract brew help/ question

    Hi All, Just needing a little nudge in the right direction I am wanting to start doing extract brew step up from kits I have found a few recipes but am confused about the water quantity as i want to try and achieve 20L so i can fill a cornie keg. for example: 5 l of water for...
  13. Jonniepeek

    additions to a coopers draught bitters

    Hi guys, Not far away from starting my next brew ( have things in the shopping basket) i love my light pale ales( bordering on lagers) easy drinking and most people will drink them, ( not sure if that a god or bad point yet) any way i was going to add the kit along with 500g of each...
  14. Jonniepeek

    New Member from edinburgh

    Hi All, Just a hello from me, been brewing since January just the bucket job and bottling ( nothing wrong with that) but i took the plunge and spent some money:mrgreen: and upgraded to fermenting fridge and a home made kegerator, currently for a festival golden stag in the fermenting...
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