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    How do i make sparkling wine

    Getting the sparkle is easy, as described with sugar, getting the sediment out is hard (but not impossible)
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    How many gallons of homebrewed beer in 2014?

    Not enough, due to being homeless
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    Combning brewing ingredients

    Depends what your budget is? LOL Coopers do make some good kits but a change of yeast would make a difference for not that much more cash. That said the Brewferm kits are really good, but more expensive and need ageing to get the best out of them. To be honest a Stout will get better with up to...
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    Grains, Liquid Yeast, Still viable

    If i were you Snail I would try a yeast starter and see what you can get. I wouldn't use them in a full batch in case (but you might be lucky) There was an article where someone used 1000 year old yeast from inside a piece of amber.
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    Tesco Direct

    Tesco's do sales every-so-often like Wilcos, but there kits always seem to be near their sell by dates I know some people that bought 10+ kits and didn't use them all, be warned
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    Could FG be 1020?

    LOL Rodwha, I think mine finished at 1035 and I drank it, but my teeth fell out afterwards :)
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    Adding "body" to the beer

    PCPogo, with AG you add them to your mash (well I do anyway and it works)
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    Adding "body" to the beer

    Yep those Oats, you'd have to do a mini-mash to use them in a kit, but no worries. Steep them in a pot and add to your fermenter. I use them with all grain but there is not reason not to use with a kit too.
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    Could FG be 1020?

    Ps. St Albans is a lovely place for beer :)
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    Could FG be 1020?

    I've bottled higher than that before (mainly because the yeast gave out) but you will have residual sweetness. 1014 sounds much better :)
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    Beer enhancer

    You can use this but IMO not worth it as it will impart little flavour, stick to the sugar for priming
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    Adding "body" to the beer

    Oats work quite well for body too IMO
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    Making a cheap slider?

    I've done this with both Cider and Cyser, not sure if it would work to well after carbonation (ie an already carbonated cider but worth a try).
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    1 gallon mash tun

    Could always insulate the outside for better heat loss figures, and make sure the top is good (and insulated)
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    Flat beer

    Call it Draft??
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    DME is less fermentable than Table sugar so you will need to use a little more, and it will not do that much to effect flavour but as with all things, Experimentation is great. That said, it is always better to go conservative and not end up with gushers (learnt to my cost a few times :) )
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    (Not so) cold crashing

    Could call it lagering, but probably not cold enough LOL
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    Sainsburys are doing these new 'Larger' Kits

    Bob, they do bottles too, if you were interested 750ml flip top ones, look quite good too :hat:
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    Thinking about adding honey to a kit...

    Honey will change the taste over time, from sweet to super dry. Seeing as this will be a long term conditioning phase I think that most of the honey flavour will be gone by the time you drink. It would be well worth having a drinking schedule over a few weeks so that you get to experience these...
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