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    Dripping barrel tap

    Sometimes they leak when fully closed, open it up just a smidge and it may stop.
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    which keg should i choose

    I have started using plumbers ptfe tape on all threads, plus the usual vaseline, and had no problems for ages........
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    whos brewing what for crimbo?

    Pretty simple: Coopers Stout, 1.5 kg dried malt (half dark), cup of muscavado, 500g lactose.
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    whos brewing what for crimbo?

    This weekend will start a Coopers Julebrig, then the following weekend a Cream Sout.
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    Irish stout- plus choc, vanilla and stevia

    So a wacky brew: 1 Betterbrew Irish Stout kit 1kg Dark malt powder 500g(ish) Dark Muscavado 1/2 a tin cocoa powder big glug vanilla essence half a bag of stevia my missus picked up at a LARP fair (not the white powder but green plant material) planning to dry hop with bramling at 7 days...
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    Malt Cold extraction

    Interesting, might be good for a 'flavour' partial mash as an addendum to a toucan kit.................
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    Malt Cold extraction

    I might just leave 20g in 100ml overnight and taste the liqour to see.....
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    Malt Cold extraction

    wotcher, I do cold extractions on coffee to get max taste but not bitterness. Has anyone tried a cold malt extraction. I mean cracked malt, plus cold water, left 24 hrs then strained. Would you get the sugar and flavour profile out? Just curious....
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    Back sweetening

    I use 1 big tub of Stevia/25L, they use maltodextrin as a bulking agent so you get a nice little edge of mouth feel too
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    Morland - Old Hoppy Hen

    Yup tried it and was very underwhelmed. I mean in an age of ultra hoppy ales, new world hops, and a more discerning drinker, you would think they would brew something a bit less 'meh'.
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    Super Coopers Brew Sunday

    Thanks chaps, great advice waylaid by an unexpected pub visit, will be super tuesday now :)
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    Super Coopers Brew Sunday

    Just got 4 Coopers kits (Stout, Dark, English Bitter and IPA) plus 4 cans of LME from Brewsmater (£65 Wayhay!) So my plan for this sunday: Stout 1.7Kg LME 1.5Kg Muscavado 500g 200g Amber Malt Partial Mash English Bitter and IPA (separately) LME Crystal Malt Partial Mash WG Dry Hop Just...
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    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    The other thing with this brew was head aches the next day, and it is the only beer to make me a bit ummm, tetchy, grumpy, arseholey or whatever. I am usually a very merry drinker but this seemed not to suit my temperament :-(
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    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    Well I am just finishing the keg of this, and although I admire the ethos behind the kit, I won't be brewing it again. Just too strong, and winey almost, with a bit too much hoppage, in all just a bit unbalanced.
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    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    After 3 pints of this stuff I am not surprised it seems the best kit you ever made, I am just surprised you can type! :shock:
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    Tesco apple juice 85p for 4 litres

    Bugger which one, bar hill or Newmarket road? I have just made my first turbo cider, and the gravity smaple was good enough that I'd do more.......
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    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    My pre-kegging sample gives me a FG of 1001! :shock: This means a 8.5% brew for me, with a huge pineapple and grapefruit hop hit judging from the sample :tongue:
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    My Xmass Ale Review

    My Coopers double kit was the finest beer I have brewed to date: APA Kit and Real Ale Kit , plus 1Kg amber malt, plus a partial amber malt mash (200g in 4L @66deg for 1hr), dry hopped with 30g Cascade after ferm died down, ferm 14 days kegged for 8 weeks..... Simply IPA heaven, approx...
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    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    This will be the next brew! Hubba Hubba!
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    I wasn't sure where to post this but the ingredients are nearer to beer than wine or cider so.... Just been to St Petersburg and tried Kvass for the first time. It is a sort of beer/alcoholic brew made with fermented rye bread and ....? It tastes sort of Cola/Dandelion and Burdock but...
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