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    Razorback IPA

    Do you have a pH meter? If you do, open a bottle, pour some into a shallow plastic container, measure the pH, and leave it out for 24hrs, and then check again, if the pH is dropping there is a very good sign it may be an infection. As an aside some easy identifiers for you to understand how to...
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    Razorback IPA

    So a few questions - is it acidic or bitter? If its bitter, I would put in the fridge and leave for about 4 weeks
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    UK C02 Suppliers

    I believe there is a stockist of hobbyweld inNew Malden.
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    Getting started with kegs

    Thats really cool! I am looking at keging now as well. Undecided do I go for Crusaders or get some cornies? I have been bottling for 18 months and its starting to get to me. As I am a novice I am looking for some guidance on 1 - What keg to buy 2 - All the parts I need 3 - Help in hooking...
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    Re: Festival Razorback IPA Review

    Hahaha, dam autocorrect! Yep, I did put the finishing hops in, but I put them in my own bag. Alot easier than dealing with the sediment. :thumb:
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    Re: Festival Razorback IPA Review

    So I cracked open a couple of these bad boys over the weekend. They had alot of sediment at the bottom but had cleared really nicely. Tastes lovely, very similar to the west coast IPA styles, good hippy aroma, great body and beautiful yellow colour. This had got better and better each week I...
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    Re: Festival Razorback IPA Review

    I put this on in early June as well, after 8 days I dropped the hops in and suddenly fermentation kicked off massively. I had another 4 days of activity before it settled down. After 20 days the gravity had stopped falling (around 1.007). I brewed short, so when I bottled I got about 38 500ml...
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