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  1. stuarts

    Ooni Pizza ovens

    Thanks for all the advice . Its Summer all year round up here . If it rains its hot tropical rain . Well it is a with a few jars and under a Gazebo .
  2. stuarts

    Ooni Pizza ovens

    Was at friends during the week and had a homemade pizza from his Gozney Roccbox and was sold on buying my own but having now looked at them do I go for Ooni Karu Multifuel or the Roccbox do all you pizza makers have any views ?
  3. stuarts

    Grain Storage and use by date

    Brewed today with one of the old kits all went well the gravity was a few points down as expected . Thanks for the help just have to wait a see the final quality .
  4. stuarts

    Grain Storage and use by date

    Unfortunately the fridge vacuum packed so I will start with ones that are in date and replace the rest which isn't many .
  5. stuarts

    Grain Storage and use by date

    Yes all stored in cool dry conditions . The kits are ALL Grain kits ,luckily all the yeast is mostly in date and all Hops were stored in a fridge so going for it tomorrow . Only my time and a bit of leccy to lose. Glad to be back .
  6. stuarts

    Grain Storage and use by date

    I had a hiatus from brewing for a year due to family etc, so back ready to brew again So I have lots of kits and grain that I bought before my hiatus. 7 kits which are crushed and range being bought from 11/11/22 until 02/02/23. About 25kg of various crush grain which was bought 01/01/23 all...
  7. stuarts

    Water addition question - soft Scottish water

    I agree I am scratching my head also over water additions . I was about to start adding additions to my water using Scottish Water report for my area Turret A which is obviously available online .Though it looks like I need to do a bit more research into this . Is it worth getting a Water Report...
  8. stuarts

    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    I am sure you need 2 Packets at 12c . I bought a kit from CML a while back and it came with 2 packets for fermenting at 12c
  9. stuarts


    I had started to buy my malt in bulk . So will still use CML for Hops and Yeast as their service is excellent as are the prices. Think I may take a trip to Crafty Maltsters as their Pale Malt is still £27.50 for 25kg never used it so don't know what its like though but at that price worth a punt.
  10. stuarts


    They are leaving the recipe sheets online
  11. stuarts


    Unfortunately it is not a blip .I messaged CML , they are concentrating on Yeast and Hops ,they don't have the resources at the min to deal with Malt and Kits and it will probably stay that way in the future .
  12. stuarts


    Unfortunately CML have stopped supplying All Grain Recipe Kits not sure if its a short or long term . This is a pity as they were very Good value, obviously taking the company down different route concentrating on Hops and Yeast .
  13. stuarts

    Bevie and Keg King Distributing Partnership.

    I need a new Apollo lid as metal connects have start to wear the plastic threads on the lid and its not sealing properly . Does anyone know where I can get spares for the Apollo. Trying not to get into a Keg King v Kegland debate ,just wondering if anyone has see spares on any sites as I havent .
  14. stuarts

    Equipment Wanted Looking for a Grainfather GF 30 fermenter

    Depends on the condition tbh Do you have one ?
  15. stuarts

    Grainfather G70 on Ebay

    saw this on ebay
  16. stuarts

    Equipment Wanted Looking for a Grainfather GF 30 fermenter

    I am looking yo buy a used Grainfather GF30 fermenter any model considered
  17. stuarts

    Grainfather water heater

    I had to replace the switch on Grainfather G30 when it wouldn't work, it was only a few £s . But I think if it is the element thats a different as its sealed unit and you have to replace the whole G30 body .
  18. stuarts

    Crossmyloof update

    I am sure the guys at CML know what they are doing. Work life balance is what we all strife for , all the best to them and I for one will continue to use them .
  19. stuarts

    Price Hikes

    I use CML mostly for hops and yeast having recently started to buy grain by the sack to negate the price rises .Though noticed MM have a new range called True to Style which ranges from £22 to £25 .
  20. stuarts

    Maxi Cooler and Fermenters

    Been running my Brandels Shelf Ciller . I took out the 3 product coils and replaced them with 2 submersible pumps linked to inkbirds .Recently I can only get the fermenters down to +5 when cold crashing . The recirculation pipe runs all the time thru my kegarator though I cant control the...