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  1. Mayor of Simpleton

    Which Hops would you never use again

    I quite like motueka. I usually use it in combination with Pacific Jade in a summer golden ale.
  2. Mayor of Simpleton

    Which Hops would you never use again

    I think it was the sweetness that I didn't particularly like. I have some left and I think a hazy might be the way to go with it.
  3. Mayor of Simpleton

    Which Hops would you never use again

    I'm quite surprised at the negative sabro vibes. I love it in a single hop pale ale. Not saying I wouldn't use it again, but I recently brewed with Superdelic and was quite disappointed with the results.
  4. Mayor of Simpleton

    Best all-in-one brewing system

    You have tempted me to get my 3v system out the shed, clean it up and have a brew day with it. The Brewzilla can take a break for a bit. Thanks.
  5. Mayor of Simpleton


    Agree with Nicks90 recommendation. No need to go buying stuff at this point. For me, the key thing to do is the d rest. So, put it somewhere warm for a few days (18-20 C ish).
  6. Mayor of Simpleton


    I would think about a D rest and cold crash before you keg. Are you able to make a closed transfer to keg? I have never felt the need to pressurise the keg before lagering.
  7. Mayor of Simpleton


    My process for lagers is to ferment for a couple of weeks, raise the temperature for d rest and then take off the trub (I do use a keg). I leave it outside for 4-6 weeks to lager.
  8. Mayor of Simpleton

    ispindel setup help please

    Can you use ubidots? It works fine for android.
  9. Mayor of Simpleton

    Whats the collective thoughts on these fermenter floating devices?

    Why? For convenience. I don't need to faff about to take a sample to measure gravity on a hydrometer as I can see perfectly well how the fermentation is progressing by looking at my phone. For the record - it works just fine for me.
  10. Mayor of Simpleton

    Why do you brew?

    I get to spend a day in my own head (which is good for my mental health) and about 6 weeks later I have a beer that I want to drink.
  11. Mayor of Simpleton

    Brewing Apps

    I don't really understand how software is making beer for you. I use BeerSmith routinely but design all my recipes on how I want my beer to taste. BeerSmith can't do that.
  12. Mayor of Simpleton

    Brewing Apps

    I also tend to only use Beersmith on my laptop to create recipes and fiddle with water adjustment etc on brewdayd. I pdf the brewsteps and attach it to my brew day notes that I take on my e-ink notebook. My main wish is that I can import data from iSpindel into BeerSmith
  13. Mayor of Simpleton

    Brewing Apps

    I use BeerSmith. I just tried Brewfather but I didn't like it. I suspect that is more down to 8 years familiarity with BeerSmith rather than any shortcomings in Brewfather.
  14. Mayor of Simpleton

    Lager Recipes

    This is my house Pilsner recipe.
  15. Mayor of Simpleton

    Sabro Hops at Malt Miller

    Thanks for this. I was only thinking earlier today to make a Sabro pale ale.
  16. Mayor of Simpleton


    Motueka and Pacific Jade work well together in a golden ale
  17. Mayor of Simpleton

    How much do you value repeatability?

    I write everything down for my brew day on an e-ink notebook. I also upload my BeerSmith Brew Steps and Taste notes to it so I have a complete record of that recipe. I have a number of favourite recipes that I like to repeat.
  18. Mayor of Simpleton

    Should we be testing mash pH at 45 mins?

    I generally check pH about 10 minutes into the mash. I make my acid addition to the liquor before I mash in. It's more of a check for me and I don't worry about correcting low pH unless it's below 5.1
  19. Mayor of Simpleton

    League one and two football thread

    He rarely played the full 90 for us. I saw today that he only managed that 11 times over 2 seasons. Saying that, we got 77 games out of him over two seasons which is comfortably the best in his career. I reckon Gills will be up there this season - you seem to be making really good signings
  20. Mayor of Simpleton

    League one and two football thread

    @Braufather. I loved Jonny Williams. Should be playing above league 2. He has got injury issues, but keep him fit and he can be a game changer from midfield. He was our top scorer last season