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  1. roboto

    No rinse sanitizers

    I get a chalky precipitate with percarbonate, but I also get it with Chemsan (a UK available equivalent of Starsan). I always rinse the percarbonate out, the Chemsan is no rinse though, never had any issues with it as far as I know.
  2. roboto

    The downfall of the Tory party.

    Honestly the only way they could ruin the NHS any quicker would be burning down some hospitals. But even that might mean they'd actually build some new ones... Indeed. And it's not even a funny joke, imagine getting all this attention and no one probably even laughed along when you made it. Big...
  3. roboto

    Hazy IPA.. not especially hazy

    When I dry hop I just bung the bagged hops in the keg when I'm transferring the beer, and they stay there till the keg is empty. I've tried adding the dry hop in primary to take advantage of the biotransformation, but to my palate I can't tell any difference 😅 The Verdant IPA you can buy dry...
  4. roboto

    Hazy IPA.. not especially hazy

    I make a lot of hazy beers which tend to stay hazy over a few months. I usually only have a token addition of hops in the boil (10g in 20L) but usually ~200-300g of hops as a dry hop. Approx 10% of the grain bill as wheat or oats (current preference is wheat malt). Typically 1 hour mash and 30...
  5. roboto

    What's for breakfast?

    Today was pancakes as it's the weekend, although most weekends it's what we call 'the usual', which is bacon eggs and toast. Week days are mostly Weetabix.
  6. roboto

    The Homemade Pizza Thread

    Amen brother. That's a motto we should all adhere to! Also I'm having pizza again tonight, hah!
  7. roboto

    The Homemade Pizza Thread

    Recently treated myself to an Ooni after months and months of saying I couldn't justify it. Think I've cooked about 30 pizzas in as many days on it, and it's been worth every penny. Cooking pizza in the oven on a steel still works fine and I imagine I'll move back to that over the winter, but...
  8. roboto

    Huge head on latest brew

    The nerd in me says it could be something weird like the proteins from your saliva in the "washback", or some grease from your face/lips that are acting like a surfactant and helping prevent excess foam from forming. It's also possible your bottling wasn't perfectly consistent so you're just...
  9. roboto

    As the world gone mad

    Quote: One patient shared a picture of the form online where its options included “male (including trans man)”, “female (including trans woman)”, “non-binary”, “other (not listed)” or “not stated”. If anyone gets upset by this they need to give their head a wobble.
  10. roboto

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    20L NEIPA, last brew of the year methinks. Just in time to enjoy over the festive period! Total 14847
  11. roboto

    1st time keg user….FOAM!

    I use 2m of 3/16 line with a party tap, fridge is at 2'C, pressure approx 15psi. The occasional pint is foamy but if you rinse the glass to wet the surface, and pour carefully down the side it works for me. For me the restriction of the 3/16 line was the gamebreaker.
  12. roboto

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    20L NEIPA Total 11629
  13. roboto

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    60L of NEIPA 20L of ESB 18L of Mango IPA (undrinkable but I made it) 11,277 L
  14. roboto

    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    Got a suggestion for why then? You think it's a NATO attack? Or a malfunction?
  15. roboto

    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    I read a theory that it was to get the oligarchs on board. The logic is that if Putin just shut it off then if they overthrow him they'd just be able to turn on the flow again. This way there's less incentive to revolt against him as they can't immediately patch it up with the west with oil as a...
  16. roboto

    Car door shade recommendations

    Hi all, Bit of an odd request, but I recently became a father (thanks in advance for all the congratulations!) and at the request of the wife I'm in need of a set of window shades for the car to protect the wee one. I've no idea if the old school suction cup style ones are any good, or if the...
  17. roboto

    Bottle washing hacks

    No issues so far. I love how easy they are to seal compared to having to cap a bottle (although having a good quality capper helps a lot in that regard). If they're clean I just add a little chemsan, close and shake. Then pour them out just before filling.
  18. roboto

    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    You might be right about thinking like Russians, but in terms of approval if we're going to define 'most people' as 52%, i.e. anything more than half, then Putin might not have as much support as you think.
  19. roboto

    Rishi Sunak announces £350 support for households

    Energy company profits at an all time high. Energy prices at an all time high. Seems like an obvious solution. And if we can afford to write off billions of pounds of Conservative Government fraud, or bail out billions of pounds of banking crisis debt, why the hell can't we subsidise the...
  20. roboto

    £52M Houses???

    Not sure how apocryphal this quote is but I think Dolly Parton once said something like "it costs a lot of money to look this cheap".