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  1. Flying_Fox


    Hey Guys, bottled a Lager on Monday and used a Carbing Drop for each bottle……..when will I start seeing some action? So far the bottles aren’t starting to firm up or anything so am getting a bit worried. Was hoping to have Drinkable Beer for Xmas
  2. Flying_Fox

    “Lively” Coopers Brew

    Not my first Rodeo Chief, started at 1.38/ 1.40 so will see what it’s like Monday
  3. Flying_Fox

    “Lively” Coopers Brew

    it says 10 x days so will see what it’a like Monday and go from there
  4. Flying_Fox

    Just wrong?

    I’m about halfway through the brewing process. I’ve been looking at ways to cut down Bottling and it looks like it may cut times down considerably (Bottling Tree, Bottle Rinser, Carbing Drops) Will have to let you know how it goes
  5. Flying_Fox

    “Lively” Coopers Brew

    Right so I pitched it last Friday night…’s died down quite a bit, but it’s still occasionally bubbling. Did have a peek earlier and the Krausen’s gone, that sounds about right yeah?
  6. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    Yes, no buggering about lol. On the instructions it reckons 10 x Days to brew. I reckon that may be spot on to be fair
  7. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    4 x days in and I really want to open it up and have a mooch. It won’t harm it to open it up and have a peek will it?
  8. Flying_Fox

    “Lively” Coopers Brew

    Hey all, so this is my first Brew after taking a bit of a long break. When I was brewing in the past I had an FV without a hole for an airlock so I used to leave the lid on loosely so air could escape. I pitched this Brew Friday night and maybe it’s because I’ve got an airlock on so notice it...
  9. Flying_Fox

    How to make Turbo Cider.

    I’m on another group on Facebook and they said if you’re making Turbo only use half a sachet of yeast. I’m going to try a batch next Summer but so far haven’t been very successful
  10. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    Just got the notification from DPD my Kit’s on the way! Soooooooooo excited! Hoping to pitch it tonight, worst case tomorrow morning before work. I’m all prepped I think, the only thing I’m not 100% on is how much yeast Nutrient do I need to put in? Yes, these are the strange things I’m...
  11. Flying_Fox

    Bread Porn

    I’ve not baked any bread in ages. Love to Bake Cakes though, going to make a Yule Log Cake on Wednesday hopefully
  12. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    Well….. I was thinking 7 - 10 in Fv 4 days with the Finings 10 days Carbing in Bottles? It’s been a while so my timing’s may be off
  13. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    So do I! If I put it on this weekend, I should have drinkable Beer by Christmas right? It’s nice to get back to doing all of this, I was just going through it all last night and it’s reminded me off all the hassle of setup but it should all be ok
  14. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    Just bought a whole new setup today. Picked up a Coopers European Lager Kit so we’ll see how that goes. Spending too much on cans so it’ll be nice to go back and brew my own stuff again. Brew2Bottle say it’ll be 2 - 5 days delivery so should have it started for next Weekend
  15. Flying_Fox

    Getting back into the Hobby…..

    Hi All, Started Brewing just before Covid Hit. Have taken a tiny break and now want to get back to it. Was going through my stuff and apart from a Brewing Vessel I’m good to go I think…… Going to wait till tomorrow as there’s a sale on Brew2Bottle. I’ve got my eye on a Lager Kit etc. I’m...
  16. Flying_Fox

    How Long do Carbing Drops Take?

    Got some Carbing Drops with my last Order. Was going to put the Beer on this Sunday which should take me till the 16th, was going to leave it for a week to maybe clear (might add some Finings) and then may bottle it on the 26th but just wondering if that gives me enough time to properly carb up...
  17. Flying_Fox

    Lemon and Lime Beer

    So going back a few years I had Lemon and Line Beer in Germany which was great. A few years later Becks brought it to the UK but it didn’t last long because I guess people weren’t buying it :?: I was wondering how I’d go about recreating that in terms of home brewing. If I waited until my Beer...
  18. Flying_Fox

    Speed Up Carbing?

    Hi, So I’ve finally got myself to the Bottling stage (I’m a terrible procrastinator) and I’m just wondering if there’s a way to speed up Carbing. I put a Teaspoon of Sugar in my bottles but that will take a few days to work and I don’t really have the time, is there a way I can still do this...
  19. Flying_Fox

    18 days and still fermenting?!?

    That was taken yesterday, if I leave it till tomorrow and then get it ready to bottle? ;)
  20. Flying_Fox

    18 days and still fermenting?!?

    I’m doing a Lager Kit and even though the instructions say takes between 8 - 10 days I’ve left it in a little bit longer to make sure it’s defo done. Take a reading yesterday and it was 1.010 AND what looked like bubbles still in it. Does this mean it’s still fermenting and how much longer...