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  1. dlowe1992

    Brewfather - flame out hops

    Not sure how Brewfather handles the IBU's from residual hops after the boil and when cooling.. But, if you wanted to know the IBU effect of your flame out hops in isolation, you could make a dummy recipe with no boil additions and just your flame out hops to calculate the IBU's from these. Then...
  2. dlowe1992

    What are you drinking 2024.

    First taste of my tribute clone from the keg. Lacking the orangey ness of the real thing. Been keenly anticipating the malt miller video on replicating tribute, out yesterday. They attribute the orangey flavour in some part to the St Austell yeast strain so I’ll take that 🤣🤣
  3. dlowe1992

    January 2024 - American Pale Ales

    Wow, very pleasantly surprised!! 😊😊 Thanks for judging and congrats @matt76 and @nidge 👍👍
  4. dlowe1992

    Water use

    Cheers. As in Suresan is good for cleaning? My current regime for FV’s, and generally anything in contact post boil is a soak in Youngs steriliser / cleaner, rinse, suresan and another healthy rinse in cold water. Water usage stacks up though. Would a clean, rinse and then starsan suffice...
  5. dlowe1992

    Water use

    Maybe I need to get hold of some Starsan then! I’ve been using Harris Suresan, and following these directions…
  6. dlowe1992

    Water use

    When I use my immersion chiller the output goes into a spare fermenting bucket. Three 30L FV’s worth and I’m not at pitching temp. And that’s in cold weather with cold water. It does bother me and I’m thinking I’ll no-chill next time. I use enough water cleaning / sanitising. On a similar note...
  7. dlowe1992

    What are you drinking 2024.

    Haven’t been drinking much lately, but tonight having a Mosaic Pale Ale after bottling a small batch of bitter. Got a bit of chill haze in the Mosaic, it was crystal clear when bottling The small glass isn’t in fact a Jura chaser, but a sample of the bitter…
  8. dlowe1992

    Bitter Recipe

    I brewed this recipe a couple of weeks back, amended slightly in line with advice above. Bottled this evening and the sample tastes great, so thanks for the advice all 😊😊
  9. dlowe1992

    Dry Hop vs. No Dry Hop (& carbonation issues)

    I’m really interested in the results of this. As another relative newbie, I’ve also avoided dry hopping until now as I’ve adopted a general rule of leaving the fermentor well alone while it’s doing its work. Reality is I’m now confident enough I could dry hop before FG is reached, which makes...
  10. dlowe1992

    Lallemand London Ale yeast discontinued

    Doesn’t help in finding a replacement, but I was on the geterbrewed site last night and they seem to still have some London in stock…
  11. dlowe1992

    Low Alcohol & Low Calorie

    I’d have agreed with that assessment @Pavros, until I tried the Williams bros AF beers after a recommendation on here. V good, and no thinness or worty flavours that most seem to have. Erdinger also decent, despite the unnerving description of it being an ‘isotonic drink’ on the label 🤣🤣
  12. dlowe1992

    Losing flavour in primary fermentor following small heat rise

    Not sure it really helps, but here goes anyway.. I like you taste at every sample point. I've noticed with a couple of beers (hope forward blonde particularly) that the flavour wasn't as hoppy and fresh after racking to keg / bottle and carbonating / priming and been really disappointed...
  13. dlowe1992

    Airlock v sealed feementing

    I know I get a little oxidation when racking / bottling and would say if you're tasting TCP, you have a different issue. In my experience oxidation leads to a quick loss of the nice flavours of a beer. So maybe it tastes good after a couple of weeks but then flavours tail off quickly. If you...
  14. dlowe1992

    Bitter Recipe

    That's interesting, thanks @An Ankoù. Also reinforces the idea that maybe a flavour and aroma addition are necessary (flavour addition thus missing in my recipe!) As you say @jof, I like a hopstand as I know a 20-30 minute hopstand then quickly cooling gives me the flavour I want without...
  15. dlowe1992

    Bitter Recipe

    Cheers @Northern_Brewer, another 150g MO gets me to 4.1% and the crystal to just over 7% athumb.. Split between flame out and hop-stand sounds a plan. Certainly nothing weird, my take on a Tribute style brew. It's got a decent krausen sitting on it as we speak. I've not attempted to harvest...
  16. dlowe1992

    Bitter Recipe

    Magic, thanks all. That’s the hopstand brought back to a late boil addition, might split between 15 and 0 minutes and slightly shorter brew day to boot. I have a small amount of fuggles and BX good to go in the freezer so a natural choice 😊
  17. dlowe1992

    Bitter Recipe

    Well I've got about a third of a packet of CML Midland yeast left from the weekend's brew, so thought I'd do a small batch bitter. First for me as I've yet to brew one. I've not made a Bitter recipe before, everything I've done has been more hop forward, so any feedback on attached recipe would...
  18. dlowe1992

    dlowe1992 brew-days.

    Yesterday was AG brew day no 7 (I think). Not without incident.. Anyway, idea was something akin to Tribute from St Austell, with more than a cursory nod to @Clint a recipe on here.. ABV 4.2% OG 1.043 FG 1.011 EBC 11 IBU 30 Pretty much a full volume mash, though had to top up 4 litres or so...
  19. dlowe1992

    dctrud's Attempts to Make Beer

    Welcome back! Looks a great colour.. I usually find I end up with a lot of trub in the fermentor… there seems to be a school of thought it’s no bad thing for the fermentation, especially as it all settles out given enough time 👍👍