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  1. Rwilts

    Im back... 11 Year hiatus.

    Possibly the biggest ingredient change is the major move into pellet hops, when I started all grain it was all leaf hops, now it's mostly pellets
  2. Rwilts

    ispindle Problem.

    Sorry I have realised that I meant in Brewfather software..
  3. Rwilts

    ispindle Problem.

    You can set an adjustment within the software, I have mine set 4 points higher than it reads.
  4. Rwilts

    New Member

  5. Rwilts


  6. Rwilts

    Blackberry Sour

    You have prompted me..
  7. Rwilts

    Blackberry Sour

    Did a cherry sour using same yeast , was a 23 litre batch with 5kg of grain and one packet was plenty.. depends on how sour you want it
  8. Rwilts

    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    I had presumed they were his feet !
  9. Rwilts

    Corned beef.

    Only person in my household that loves corned beef, not with brown sauce in sandwich, CRISPS
  10. Rwilts

    Old beer

    Brewdog punk IPA Seriously. From my youth ... Labatts
  11. Rwilts


    I was thinking because he is lowering the pressure during the cold crash, not maintaining a lower pressure from the outset and he would have already achieved his desired carb level before starting the cold crash. But I am no expert.
  12. Rwilts


    I think if you maintain the pressure during the crash won't that continue to increase the co2 levels in your beer (beyond what your after)
  13. Rwilts


    When you cold crash the pressure will drop , so your not going to be able to maintain 15 psi on the spunding valve. Something is also telling me that there is risk that you may get counter pressure and the fermenter may deform (worth someone else commenting on that).
  14. Rwilts

    Hi everyone!

  15. Rwilts

    Coopers PET bottles

    Well mine don't see the light of day either :) but some else might read this in 29 years time and not be as careful as us
  16. Rwilts

    Coopers PET bottles

    I have about 100 in regular use for past few years with no issues, I have some cheaper brown PET bottles that although you can feel are thinner still do the job. Why would you want them clear? Given the risk of light strike?
  17. Rwilts

    Pre boil Gravity v Suggested volume for starting boil

    I don't really worry to much about either the amount of wort I end up with or the pre boil gravity (within reason ) as long as I get a great beer at about the right abv and about right volumn. However I do check all my figures against the recipe in Brewfather!! So in direct answer to your...
  18. Rwilts

    Brewzilla dead - burnt out socket

    Can you share some images of the specific issues you have ?
  19. Rwilts

    Brewzilla dead - burnt out socket

    Don't know if the board connection is same between v 3 and v 4 and don't know if it's of any use but I bought these to extend my V3 control box and it's the correct size...
  20. Rwilts

    Hi from hampshire