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  1. Benfleet Brewery

    Cheap Hops

    I should be on commission 😉
  2. Benfleet Brewery

    Cheap Hops

    I couldn’t resist and dived in for a load myself 🍻
  3. Benfleet Brewery

  4. Benfleet Brewery

    Cheap Hops

    Just in case anyone is interested Worcester Hop Shop have a number of hop varieties on special offer from £1.00 per 100g
  5. Benfleet Brewery

    Picture or Video of the day.

  6. Benfleet Brewery

    R.I.P Thread.

    RIP QPR legend Stan Bowles 😢
  7. Benfleet Brewery

    Football Season 2023.

    I assume their estimated value in £
  8. Benfleet Brewery


    I don’t believe in any of the gods.
  9. Benfleet Brewery

    Electric cars.

    And then they’d read the small print and realise: You can’t charge it at home while you’re asleep. The fuel price means it will likely cost about 4 x more per mile to run It has thousands of moving parts that need regular servicing to keep them going It pumps poisonous gasses into the air...
  10. Benfleet Brewery

    Tube re-name

    Well there’s one good joke ruined 🙄
  11. Benfleet Brewery

    Old adverts.

    Hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face, with mild green ..........................
  12. Benfleet Brewery

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Unfortunately trees don't earn you £12.50 every time a car that isn't "compliant" drives past it!
  13. Benfleet Brewery

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Old Mini v New Mini
  14. Benfleet Brewery

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Yep. I was getting £2 a week pocket money then left school and got a job in a factory on £35 a week. I didn’t know what to do with it all then after a month a friend of mine got me a job working for an oil company on £75 a week. I felt rich!
  15. Benfleet Brewery

    Brewers yeast as a health food supplement

    It’s rich in B vitamins. Combined with Dessicated liver it provides the body with all the B vitamins in the optimum amounts.
  16. Benfleet Brewery

    Scottish National Homebrew Competition 2024

    I have a Royal Mail confirmation mine was delivered on Friday morning but it isn’t yet showing as received on the competition website.
  17. Benfleet Brewery

    Electric cars.