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  1. marshbrewer

    Hose pipe beer

    I have a food grade / potable water blue hose that I use for filling my HLT. @Clint has me paranoid now that it is full of slugs 🤣
  2. marshbrewer

    How to tell when conversion is complete

    OK, so iwith a slightly lower OG, and a slightly higher FG, you would expect a lower overall ABV. Windsor can finish high (it cannot metabolise all of the sugar types in wort) so perhaps try a different yeast with the same kit and see how you get on?
  3. marshbrewer

    How to tell when conversion is complete

    Yeah, I was going to mention that @The Baron - what was the predicted final gravity and actual final gravity of the brew David?
  4. marshbrewer

    Using M05 Mead yeast in a beer?

    Perhaps I'm getting confused with people who use wine yeasts? It's Sunday and I'm on my 3rd pint of XXXB 🤣
  5. marshbrewer

    Using M05 Mead yeast in a beer?

    I thought mead yeasts were more akin to wine yeasts, and while they might chomp on glucose and fructose they might not necessarily be so happy with maltose and maltotriose?
  6. marshbrewer

    What are you drinking 2024.

    No photo, but a bottle of Double Maxim
  7. marshbrewer

    What are you drinking 2024.

    Banks Mild
  8. marshbrewer

    What are you drinking 2024.

    Last one for tonight. McEwans Champion
  9. marshbrewer

    What are you drinking 2024.

    It looks like it @Clint . Hard life, isn't it?
  10. marshbrewer

    What are you drinking 2024.

    Dragon Stout, a Home Bargains impulse buy. It's not bad. Quite like it actually. I also like the little bottle, they seem quite robust : ideal for bottling 12% historical keeping ales.
  11. marshbrewer

    'Apollo' Stainless Steel

    How long is it till Christmas?
  12. marshbrewer

    Another request: Tomintoul Stag/Wildcat

    Yes, that didn't escape the notice of Mr Wheeler when he was still with us, so don't be surprised if he returns to haunt your mash tun 🤣 Seriously, let us know how it works out, as I fancy giving it a go.
  13. marshbrewer


    That's good, I'm not going to be brewing anything North of that!
  14. marshbrewer


    So, I've just ordered one. It's a Brix scale one that measures up to 32% Brix, which if I understand how they work correctly, is good for an OG if upto 1.128? Is that about right?
  15. marshbrewer

    Grain Storage and use by date

    Don't be surprised if you notice a slight drop in mash efficiency with out of date grain. Nothing too drastic, just a few points, and certainly nothing to worry about.
  16. marshbrewer


    To be fair, the Carling doesn't travel well. It's ***** the moment it leaves the factory gate 🤣 (Truthfully, I'm not so sure Carling is any worse than any other mid range macro lager, and better than some of the 'big boys " - Heineken, I'm looking at you)
  17. marshbrewer

    De Gunking brand new shiny stuff like a BZ.

    I degrease new shiny stuff with stardrops, then rinse all that off and clean with my normal cleaner (unbranded oxi), then Videne sanitise and use.
  18. marshbrewer

    Brewfather giving incorrect water volume, through ignoring LME volume.

    Mmmm, interesting - you're right, it doesn't seem to account for the volume of liquid ingredients. I don't use LME much, but have inputted a historical recipe that does and irrespective of the amount I add, water volumes don't change for a given batch size.
  19. marshbrewer

    Inside the Factory - Guinness

    Animals will eat spend grains with roasted malts in them, I can personally testify to this as I used to feed my spent grains to pigs. I suspect the case is that as a product spent grains with no roasted malts have a higher monetary value as animal feed.
  20. marshbrewer

    Brewers yeast as a health food supplement

    I think we can agree that the debate is over - not drinking beer is fatal.