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  1. Crystal_Ball

    Snickers stout recipe

    I made this recipe from the Malt Miller website at the end of last year on my Grainfather. I used 5ml of the peanut extract and was enough for me as i didnt want it too over powering. I would use all...
  2. Crystal_Ball

    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

    I know this post goes back a bit but wondered if you found out the alkalinity? I usually use Ashbeck water, but 30 minute queues to get into Tesco at the moment i'm making the most with Aldi a 2 minute walk away and shopping there at the moment. I wondered if i could change bottled water source.
  3. Crystal_Ball

    Mass home brew forum video call Pub(s) Saturday 4th April

    Missed the first meet up in the outside world so i'll see if i can make this one. I can sit in my mini tap room on my own and sound like i'm talking to myself!
  4. Crystal_Ball

    Forum Meet up

    Yeah “The experiment” pressure drop & verdant place is great! Loads of places round there just not quite as close to each other as Bermondsey.
  5. Crystal_Ball

    Forum Meet up

    Haven’t been on here much recently so only just seen this. Gutted to have missed this. Have been to a couple of places on the mile including cloudwater myself. Hackney is a great area to visit for likewise refreshments too! If there is ever another meet up planned in london I’d be up for it as I...
  6. Crystal_Ball

    Cold crash & sanitiser issue

    Well i've gone and done it again! Went away for a couple of days during a crash chill and its sucked up no-rinse sanitiser. When will I learn?! Hopefully it wont have ruined the batch.
  7. Crystal_Ball

    London Craft Beer festival tickets for sale

    I have a couple of London Craft Beer festival tickets (Saturday evening session) that I need to sell as from a group of us a couple of people have dropped out. I'm after cost paid which is £44.50 each, which includes beer all night. Happy to sell individually or as a pair...
  8. Crystal_Ball

    CO2 gas essex

    I use Hobbyweld. They have a branch in Colchester although I use their branch in Hertford.
  9. Crystal_Ball

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Just watched The Accountant. Fist time I’ve seen Ben Affleck in a serious. A good action thriller that kep you guessing and a few surprises.
  10. Crystal_Ball

    New Allgrain set up starting in garage

    I use this and have never had any problems.
  11. Crystal_Ball

    Please help me choose the best beers from distributor

    Don’t know what your setup is but tap rooms I have been to In london, Bristol etc serve 1/3 , 1/2 and 2/3 generally.
  12. Crystal_Ball

    Please help me choose the best beers from distributor

    My choices would be Cloudwater, Wylam, Pressure Drop, Burnt mill from the list. I’ve also heard good things about Mad squirrel but not had any of theirs. Gypsy hill are a favourite too but not had the on the list. On instagram I tend to see most people raving about IPA’s and DIPA’s.
  13. Crystal_Ball

    dry yeast for Amecican IPA

    Ive got a 95 % Vienna malt pale ale with Mandarine hops fermenting at the moment with this yeast for the first time and im looking forward to trying it!
  14. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    Other than Red X malt and yeast I have lots of hops in the freezer and malts in stock at the moment. I have gone a bit conservative with the Red X malt @ just 42% of the malt bill. I'm going to use hops that I have in the freezer. Here is the 20L recipe i'm going with: Red X Malt = 2.5KG (42%)...
  15. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    I was thinking 20-30 IBU's at no more than 5% ABV, but by the sounds of it I would need more? What yeast did you use?
  16. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    I did have in mind using at this as at least 50% of the malt bill as I was putting an order together on that website earlier. Just the hops and yeast to choose next!
  17. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    Sure am in the UK.
  18. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    It had a lovely sweetness to it and a good balance of floral hop flavours from memory. Probably similar to a British Ale. Ill have a look at the links you have posted.
  19. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    Thanks for posting that link. Quite like the fact that it isn't a fussy ingredient recipe. Although I was thinking of maybe something sub 5%. (Maybe I should have given more detail in my opening post!)
  20. Crystal_Ball

    Red IPA recipe request......

    I do enjoy a red IPA when I rarely find them in a decent pub/tap room. I'd like to give one a go, but not sure where to start after searching on here and the internet hasn't given me lots of info i'm after. Any help appreciated.