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  1. chthon

    Is a RO filter worth it?

    I made the calculation, and for me, after two years I got the cost of the entry level system RO filter back. Also, less plastic 5l containers to dump. And it is also used for my wife's ironing water. W.r.t. the waste water, I am in a bit of a lucky position that I can dump it in my rainwater...
  2. chthon

    The speakers parrrot.

    Is that the one pining for the fjords?
  3. chthon

    Fuel prices..

    Aren't you a bit behind? Fuel prices started to fall here in Belgium more than two weeks ago, when the oil war between Saudi-Arabia and Russia began. Never seen the prices at the pump plummet so fast.
  4. chthon

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    My bock from winter last year still tastes very nice. Stock almost finished now.
  5. chthon

    Anyone seen a rocky head like this one?

    Why Belgium, actually? Although I would have a couple of politicians to feed him.
  6. chthon

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    Yeah, I think I am possibly overcautious, but I can spare the time. Also, bock is at least 1.066 starting gravity, so it might need a bit more conditioning.
  7. chthon

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    When I brew bock, I let it 14 days in fermentation vessel, including a couple of days at a temperature of around 16°C. Then I move it to secondary (with a bit of brewing sugar to push out oxygen), and I leave it for 4 to six weeks at lager temperature before bottling. And then still again 2...
  8. chthon

    Your views on how the Tories have handled Coronavirus.

    Tories, liberals, labour, socialists, Flemish nationalists, ... What people should learn is to start rejecting ideologies. What people should learn is to look around and accept reality. I must say that this crisis helps discriminate (in the sense of recognising) people in society. Most people...
  9. chthon

    'Stressed' yeast going bonkers

    For starters, I found somewhere on the internet the experience of someone who uses dry yeast, but also uses a microscope to count cells (sometimes), and apparently, using an estimate of 20e9 yeast cells/gram is good to go (even contrary to what the suppliers might say). So this would mean that...
  10. chthon

    Talk to me about turbo yeast

    First a link about turbo yeast It says "Turbo yeast ferments sucrose". This is important. So called "brewing sugar" is dextrose (also called glucose). Sucrose is a chemical combination of dextrose and fructose (a variant of dextrose). Dextrose and fructose are the simple sugars that are...
  11. chthon

    Expiry of water treatment chemicals

    These are all simple anorganic chemicals. These keep forever. In case of dry stuff, the worst that could happen is that they absorb water and start clumping.
  12. chthon

    Pale Amber Malt

    The thing is that caramel/crystal malts still contain starches, and so in the presence of base malts have real extract: Crystal Malt Experiment Also, malt names are indeed confusing. However, there is a spectrum from pils malt to aroma 100, which uses base malt as a starting point, and which...
  13. chthon

    Vanish oxi action as PBW

    I think that for cleaners with perfume there is always the possibility that the perfume stays for a while on certain plastic surfaces. I have had this with dishwasher cleaners on plastics and silicone materials. It disappears, but it takes some time, and not washing anymore with perfumed...
  14. chthon

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    Since 90% of beer sold seems to be Pilsner, then the answer to your question is yes, it is the most representative variant of lager. Also, outside of Germany other lager styles are difficult, or not to be found, even in the countries surrounding Germany.
  15. chthon

    Espresso machine

    I have had two espressomachines between 2002 and 2015. One we bought (Francisfrancis), and one we got (I worked for Philips when it took over Saeco, and we all got an espresso machine as a gift). They both failed in the same way: temperature is regulated through a thermic relay, and this relay...
  16. chthon

    Worth a shot

    I did some small brews with such Meridian malt extract (Holland & Barret doesn't have malt extract on the continent, but some bioshops have Meridian). That succeeded reasonably. I actually used this to propagate yeast, but with proper boiling with hops and fermentation, and bottled the result...
  17. chthon

    Things to do whilst self - isolating

    I actually can still do my job: software engineer for a big manufacturer of agricultural machines. We write software and support people over the world for sales and operation planning. The process must continue! And my wife too. We bought an extra screen for my laptop, and got an old extra...
  18. chthon

    3 month old wort ok to bottle?

    Or Lallemand CBC-1
  19. chthon

    Is my yeast dead?

    I never use finings, that will have to be answered by someone who has experience with them.
  20. chthon

    Is my yeast dead?

    That is indeed a fair assessment. But take that 1.006 as around 1.006, could be actually a bit more. But relax, don't worry, have a homebrew.
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