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  1. Northern_Brewer

    Salopian Oracle

    Salopian is one of those breweries that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it deserves - no other brewery comes close in terms of consistent success at Champion Beer of Britain in recent years (I can't remember the details but they've had something like 11 medals in the indidual categories...
  2. Northern_Brewer

    Gales 1977 Silver Jublilee (Yeast)

    Both Burton Bridge and Cheshire Brewhouse do versions of Draught Burton Ale, which was the cask version of DD (not to be confused with Burton ales, which were completely different, whether on draught or in bottle).
  3. Northern_Brewer

    Dried Valencia orange peel?

    It's the technical term for what most people just call "oranges", to distinguish from Seville oranges (the bitter ones used for marmalade). Over on HBT there's a massive thread on cloning Blue Moon which obsesses about different orange peels.... (but includes detailed contributions from folk...
  4. Northern_Brewer

    Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild

    Originally "mild" was the opposite of "stock" - in other words mild beer was the fresh beer that was originally mixed with old beer, in a process similar to Greene King's Strong Suffolk. So it was mild in the sense of "mild cheddar", but alcohol-wise it was in the 7-9% range. Then after...
  5. Northern_Brewer

    Get brewing people, our hop industry needs us

    A lot of commercial brewers swear by French Fuggles for its aroma compared to English Fuggles. It's still Fuggles though.... #teamgoldings AIUI part of the problem is that brewers have got used to English hops being available on the spot market, so haven't been contracting them forward enough...
  6. Northern_Brewer

    June Forum Comp - Dark Beers

    Always glad to hear when something one writes leads to great beer, even if dark Chinook wasn't really on my mind at the time! The original context was a SMASH-ish I did with pale malt and 4:1 Chinook:Amarillo just to finish up some hops. I wanted to try some different yeasts and so split the...
  7. Northern_Brewer shop

    Just as a datapoint, I placed orders last Monday night with Malt Miller and BrewUK. The TMM order arrived Thursday (albeit several hours after DPD forecast), the BrewUK order arrived today having been put in the tender hands of Parcelfarce yesterday. So 6.5 days from order to arrival. It's...
  8. Northern_Brewer

    New CML yeasts

    The general thought on M36 is that it doesn't seem to match any of the Lallemand or Fermentis dry strains, but may well be something like the Mauribrew ale strain. It's a bit of a mystery though.
  9. Northern_Brewer

    Maris Otter or Planet?

    Unless you're already passing, there's surely not much point going all the way to Cheddleton given that most microbreweries will generally be happy to sell you the odd sack of malt, even if they don't officially advertise the fact, you just need to chat them up a bit and don't be awkward. But...
  10. Northern_Brewer

    Boddingtons Bitter clone

    The first edition of the GBG in 1974 regarded it as "One of the best" and the 1977 edition called it "exceptionally bitter" The general thought is that the decline probably started around that time, and something in particular happened around the end of 1981. It's not so much about the recipe...
  11. Northern_Brewer

    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    It really varies - I've probably seen casks from pretty much all of the 40-50 breweries nearest me, and the majority are still on steel. There's a handful that have mixed fleets, who started with second-hand steel and have since added new plastics, but it's not that common. I'm open to the idea...
  12. Northern_Brewer

    Boddingtons Bitter clone

    Ron Pattinson has a selection of Boddies recipes from 1901 through to 1987 - although the Boddies that everyone gets excited about is before the various changes of the late 70 and early 80s when Boddies ruined Boddies (it wasn't Whitbread that ruined Boddies as is popularly supposed, the rot set...
  13. Northern_Brewer

    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    Well both flexitanks and plastic casks are made of polythene not thin PET so aren't comparable - and there's certainly concerns about the effect on wine quality of transporting in flexitanks, although that's more to do with the lack of insulation. And there's certainly some concerns about the...
  14. Northern_Brewer

    Looking for bottle crates to hold 500ml

    I've used bigger ones like that from one of the Home Bargains-type places - I've not got one to hand, but they're not quite big enough for 40 bottles, maybe 1m long? The big plus is that they're beer-proof, so if you have any gushers the mess is contained and you're not faced with a garage that...
  15. Northern_Brewer

    New CML yeasts

    This is Fermentis' view : Rediscover the SafLager W-34/70 • Fermentis It will never hurt to ferment at the lowest temperature you can easily manage for the first couple of days though. Mangrove Jack M54 Californian lager is meant to be equally forgiving but floccs rather better, I've not used...
  16. Northern_Brewer


    The other option would be to use a bottling yeast like F2/CBC-1 to carb it at "normal" temperatures - which would slow oxidation of fragile beers.
  17. Northern_Brewer

    Less hoppy, more malty.

    Windsor or S-33 have lower attenuation if you're sticking with dry, although they don't flocc that well. Go for a more chloride-led water profile. This is supposedly a good clone for Fuller's ESB (even the BJCP have finally realised that ESB is not an actual style) :
  18. Northern_Brewer

    Just wondering about Yeast ?

    There's a big difference between beer and bread making - you can harvest yeast at the end of brewing so most big breweries are self-sufficient in yeast, whereas bakeries are consumers of yeast so most buy it in. IIRC Lallemand make 50 batches of baking yeast for every one batch of brewing yeast...
  19. Northern_Brewer


    You can still treat the two runnings differently during the boil. For instance, if you bittered the second runnings of 1.030 to 40 IBU and the first runnings of 1.070 to 20 IBU you could get 5 very different beers out of them : 40 IBU 1.030 (100:0 second:first) 38 IBU 1.034 (90:10) 30 IBU 1.050...
  20. Northern_Brewer


    You're just a bit confused. Yes - partigyling means making two or more beers from blending different-strength runnings (and commercially you are almost always blending different runnings, not doing a different beer from each running on its own). Fuller's is a bit of a special case as they have...