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  1. darrellm

    No pressure

    Quite the opposite, they can be a right PITA to seal. I've got 3 kegs and I've given up with them, have a search on the forum to see all the issues people have with them, some people manage to use them successfully but a lot of us have just had problem after problem.
  2. darrellm

    How important is the yeast?

    I'm glad I'm not alone. I should have qualified my statement a bit more by saying that I do use a lager yeast for lagers and Belgian yeast for the Belgians, but like you I tend to go for Gervin or S-04 for British ales, from pale to stout. I've tried others, in fact I tried a good few to try to...
  3. darrellm

    How important is the yeast?

    I find myself asking this question often. I've been brewing 11 years with a variety of yeasts, and despite all the advice, I really can't tell the difference between them taste-wise. I tend to pick them based on how much they firm up in the bottom of bottles, just used MJ M36 Liberty Bell for...
  4. darrellm

    What causes gushers?

    I get gushers every year this time of year, seems to be a lot worse in the summer months. I think this could be down to storage temperature, I put my bottles in the garage and it gets a bit warm in there. But even so, something must be fermenting away to generate the CO2. I'm ultra-careful that...
  5. darrellm

    Coopers larger is flat

    Unlikely to be a problem with the brew, more likely to be what you did. Can you tell us more about your method: did you prime with sugar, how much, did you keep the bottles in the warm for 2 weeks to carb up?
  6. darrellm

    Air rifles?

    Good call, I'm glad I went for a springer in the end after originally trying a compressed-air one, the latter is nicer but I just don't use it enough to justify. I bought mine second-hand from someone who was upgrading. I bought it primarily for keeping the rabbit population down but...
  7. darrellm

    Help picking out a Beginner Kit

    As you're near BrewUK, suggest picking up a Tiny Rebel Cwtch kit - a 2-can kit with added hops that knocks spots of most other kits I've tried
  8. darrellm

    Show us your guitar(s)

    Gibson Les Paul....everyone's gotta have a Les Paul, have modded it a bit e.g. Zebra burstbucker in the bridge. Musicman Axis Charvel SoCal USA & Gibson Flying V
  9. darrellm

    Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale (HPA) Clone Recipe

    First sample - a bit darker than I was expecting, the real thing is almost straw-like, and I put the bottle in the fridge for a few hours as the house is hot and it's developed a bit of chill haze. But taste-wise I am very happy with this, I don't have the original for an A/B comparison but it's...
  10. darrellm

    BIAB Noob Questions.

    I started with 10-12L BIAB batches: easy to do on the hob in a large stockpot. I still do that today, but I usually add 1kg of DME so that I can get 18L or so in the FV. DME from Malt Miller is just over a five a kilo. I do a reduced-volume boil and top up in the FV, I compensate for this by...
  11. darrellm

    apple brandy

    Found it, this is the one we had a glass of Looks like they do produce it by freezing it, not as concentrated as Applejack. In fact, at 7% it's just a (very expensive) strong cider - was nice though!
  12. darrellm

    Cornish beers and breweries

    Haven't been down that way for a long time but the Blue Anchor in Helston used to have it's own brewery
  13. darrellm

    Stronger than predicted!

    I really would check your Hydrometer, in 180+ brews I've never had an FG anywhere near 1.001: 1.010 is the norm, very occasionally 1.008. I recently bought a new hydrometer and it was out, the paper had slipped inside the glass tube.
  14. darrellm

    Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale (HPA) Clone Recipe

    Yes that was deliberate. I seem to get foaming bottles much more when I dry hop to when I steep, so I'm trying it without this time. I've gone off dry hopping for that reason, plus I've done a few recipes now with a steep vs dry hop and haven't been able to tell the difference, and I notice few...
  15. darrellm

    apple brandy

    If you don't mind me asking, how do you make cider wine (vs normal cider)? Had some at a local restaurant as a dessert wine last week and it was lovely, just wondering how you get it concentarted enough to make wine?
  16. darrellm

    Belgian Beers to try?

    It really is worth getting yourself over to Belgium when the current situation eases. Even budget hotels like Ibis have amazing bars with a decent selection of beers (at least the one in Ghent did), get yourself over to Bruges and to De Haalve Maan brewery to sample some Bruges Zot or Straffe...
  17. darrellm

    Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale (HPA) Clone Recipe

    Just bottled mine: looks about right, tastes about right so fingers crossed. Came out a little bit stronger than the original at 4.3%. If anything, it looks a little bit too golden. I wonder if the brewery use extra-pale Maris Otter? It came out more straw-like last time I did it, but I have...
  18. darrellm

    PB or bottles (NOOB)

    Do a search on PB's on this forum. They are great when they work but people get so many issues with sealing them, it's a bit of a dark art. I started off with 50/50 PBs and bottles but now I almost exclusively bottle. I've got 3 PBs and each has given me various problems over the years, to the...
  19. darrellm

    Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale (HPA) Clone Recipe

    It'll be interesting to compare notes on the various versions of this that we have tried, to see if we can crack it. Wye Valley is my local brewery, I've been there a few times inc a brewery tour and all the pubs round here have their beers, although it's usually Butty Bach, HPA can be hard to...
  20. darrellm

    Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale (HPA) Clone Recipe

    +1 I also saw that hop combination on the Wye Valley brewery tour. Also, HPA is extremely pale, I don't think there is any Crystal in it. Mine's just finishing fermentation, hoping to bottle it later this weekend.