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  1. -Bezza-

    Bezza's Brewdays

    Woah, been away from here for a little while. Two young kids will do that to a man. Brew #12 was brewed back in November - Red Brick Rye. Got a bit of a bollocking from the wife for this brew as it took too much time, hence why I haven't brewed since. Well, that and it being winter so not...
  2. -Bezza-

    Fermented hot sauce

    I'm now researching hot sauce recipes... Any good recipes you can suggest or is it just a case of getting chillis, brine, vinegar and making up the rest?
  3. -Bezza-

    The Mad Russian - Imperial Stout

    I don't know the answer definitively but presumably oxidation only occurs when there has been exposure to oxygen over time. So if you were to very gently pour the bottles into the keg so as not to trap oxygen in the beer and then purge, I can't see it being a big deal. I guess you could always...
  4. -Bezza-

    The Mad Russian - Imperial Stout

    Do you have the option of kegging this if all else fails?
  5. -Bezza-

    What are you drinking tonight.

    Just been given two bottles of Westvleteren 12 so guessing those will be consumed soon!
  6. -Bezza-

    UK Law - Brewing on a work premise

    I think you have to look at how law generally works in the UK. We have laws that, in themselves, do nothing - it's the enforcement of those laws that we have to worry ourselves with. The law may be very narrow in definition and often that narrow definition is not enforced because there is no...
  7. -Bezza-

    Stainless Fermenter

    I don't have one, but assuming you don't want an air-tight lid:
  8. -Bezza-

    Refractometer re-visited

    I take two hydrometer samples - one for OG and one about 2 weeks later to check my fermentation is finished. I don't worry about checking for stable readings over a couple of days and all that - if it's in the right ballpark for FG then I assume I'm ok. Two reasons why this works for me: 1) I...
  9. -Bezza-

    July Competition - Freestyle

    Mine was an overnight mash. Maybe we've hit on something here...?
  10. -Bezza-

    July Competition - Freestyle

    Well here's my recipe: And some more details of the brew, including everything that went wrong: So whilst it wasn't an original recipe...
  11. -Bezza-

    UK Law - Brewing on a work premise

    Definitely in Hot Fuzz. Is it in Simpsons too?
  12. -Bezza-

    July Competition - Freestyle

    Err, WTF!? Thanks @strange-steve. Glad you liked it - over the moon that you liked it that much!
  13. -Bezza-

    UK Law - Brewing on a work premise

    Well this thread got weird. :roll:
  14. -Bezza-

    Where can I buy a bottle of Saison?

    The trouble with "saison" is that it got used as a name for anything experimental for quite some time and so a lot of stuff that is called a saison simply isn't reflective of a traditional saison. For example: To be fair, their non...
  15. -Bezza-

    Some bargain pubs for sale in Kent

    Would do a roaring trade with the lorry drivers come October!
  16. -Bezza-

    Christmas Pudding Wine

    I assume the 28% is after adding the brandy!? Sounds interesting but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to attempt something like this. Sounds like a very involved process too. Good luck with it - if I find myself near Bristol around Christmas time, I'll let you know. wink...
  17. -Bezza-

    Equipment recommendations

    I've managed to get my 3 year old playing Dirt Showdown, provided it's only the demolition derby events in a round arena. Unfortunately he doesn't grasp that "letting his car have a rest" isn't the best idea. I can't wait for him to figure out Fifa!
  18. -Bezza-

    Equipment recommendations

    I can't wait for my boy to develop the requisite skills to play computer games. Mario Kart is a must! Anyway, spend a few quid on a "Daddy's beer" bottle opener for him, and you can send him off to the fridge whenever you need replenishing and he'll be pleased as punch to open it for you.
  19. -Bezza-

    What are you drinking tonight.

    Not bad by any means. Very tropical hop flavour.
  20. -Bezza-

    Clusterfugget - yup you read that correctly!!!!

    Early prolific buket tillicum smooth cone buzz bullets hmm, quite a bit of innuendo in hop names!
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