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  1. chrissyr63

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    They seems to be going well in the pots - ones about 2ft the other 1ft. Have cut them back to 4 bines each and set up about 12ft trellis (hope that is enough are suppose to be dwarf versions). Just training them up that at the moment. Think the worse issue I had last year was ensuring they got...
  2. chrissyr63

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    My two pots (a fuggles and a brewers gold) have both sprung up well. I top dresses the pots with some 6x fertiliser. Have to go back through the thread to see how to train them this year (just let the grow as the felt last year). Think it is cut back all but 3 or 4 runners?
  3. chrissyr63

    * October Give Away * It's MASSIVE!

    Count me in please
  4. chrissyr63

    How many litres of home brew 2019.

    19lts rye ale Total 10859
  5. chrissyr63

    GrainFather v other systems.

    No sorry mine was the 30l one but still pleased with it. Have had to change the outlet filter as the one they supplied was too fine and clogged up all the time.
  6. chrissyr63

    Who knows 11

    1.058 1.012
  7. chrissyr63

    What are you drinking tonight.

    I tested my raspberry wheat Keg was clogged at first but got it out. Needs a bit more time to clear so had a kolsch instead
  8. chrissyr63

    How many litres of home brew 2019.

    23 Lt of raspberry wheat kegged today so 9,378 lts
  9. chrissyr63

    How to cold crash a fruit beer

    Well just as an update I cold crashed the lot and filled the keg from the fv tap. Looks like some sediment went through but mostly nice clear pink goodness. Forced carved and will leave for a few days. Off to update litres brewed thread
  10. chrissyr63

    Bread from spent grains

    "pop a small knob of it onto your tongue and feel as it melts on your tongue " I can feel my gout coming on just reading that!
  11. chrissyr63

    How to cold crash a fruit beer

    Hi Have done the GH raspberry wheat beer - added the mashed up fruit to fv after 2 days as per recipe. Been fermenting for 2 more weeks and is down to 1.012 - again as recipe. Question is what is the best way to cold crash for another week before I put it into a cornie? Just cc it withe fruit...
  12. chrissyr63

    The Political Compass

    3 across and 4 up from the green bottom - good survey made you think (see why there was no neutral option).
  13. chrissyr63

    So who's growing chillies this year?

    Well I've got two on the go - a black one and a Scots bonnet - just outside in Devon, in pots in a tray to keep them watered.
  14. chrissyr63

    Plastic free? Possible?

    Don't think people are riled (I'm not) just think home brew 'impact' is limited: Compost your grain Reuse your water Reduced transport costs (driving home with those bottles from the supermarket) We recycle our own glass bottles Couple of plastic bags for your grain and hops - now if you flew...
  15. chrissyr63

    Plastic free? Possible?

    I use the cooled water to water our plants - hops and tomatoes need lots of water in summer. Maybe not so in winter but you usually need less water to cool then. Have to agree with some others here just do your best and not beat yourself up about it.
  16. chrissyr63

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    First site I found started with "Growing hops is one of the hardest crop choices in farming" as I said not the best gardener - more a plant and hope for the best approach!
  17. chrissyr63

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Thanks Terry - yes was thinking of alternating with miracle gro. seems odd you stop feeding when the burrs (assume the flowers) start when with tomatoes I think you start feeding when they appear. Not that I'm a gardening (well I am but a not a good one!).
  18. chrissyr63

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    From top of the pot to the apex of the arch is 2.5m so if they continue over each other they should have about 3m - not sure what the fuggles will do then. Wanted to leave them to themselves this first year and then train a bit more next. How are people feeding - I was just going to use liquid...
  19. chrissyr63

    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Well mine have reached the top of the 8 ft arch I attached them to. I don't really want them to go much higher (one is supposed to a dwarf anyway) so can I manage the grow by cutting off the top shoots and just let the newer lower ones continue to grow up and thicken out the arch? And do I need...
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