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  1. IainM

    September 2019 Competition - American Pale Ales

    September is here and that means it's time get your American Pale Ales in. It's a broad category, from traditional APAs, IPAs and DIPAs to new-fangled NEIPAs, Brut IPAs and American sours. Some hoppy entries are expected, so I'll be roping in a couple of seasoned tasters from the Cambridge Hop...
  2. IainM

    BB woes. Anyone know about electronics?

    The connection to the element on my Bulldog Brewer has blown. The board looks kaput but the relays seem fine. Anyone know if I've any chance of finding a replacement and repairing it, or is the whole unit kaput? The controller panel works just fine. I was just about to put a brew on too.
  3. IainM

    What is your favourite yeast for a bitter?

    I do like a good pint of Bitter, and I'm looking for a characterful 'house' strain to keep on slant in the fridge. So, what have you used and enjoyed, and what would you recommend?
  4. IainM

    New all-in-one system: Bulldog master brewer

    It seems that Hambleton Bard have been busy creating a new all-in-one brewing system, the Bulldog Master Brewer. It looks like quite an upgrade from the Bulldog Brewer v3, particularly with the insulation, improved pump and an interesting recirculation system which should eliminate the...
  5. IainM

    Home Brew Competition December 2017.

    The competition for this month is British Pale Ales, Bitters and Milds, and I will be judging. If you have any questions about whether your beer fits the category then feel free to ask here or in a PM. If you would like to enter, send me a PM and I'll give you the delivery address. This won't...
  6. IainM

    Blue syphon clips

    I've always used the red syphon clip to clip my syphon onto the fv when racking. You know the ones: I recently found these cheap on ebay, and they only took a week to arrive...
  7. IainM

    I built a cider press

    Last year I made perry and juiced the pears with a masticating juicer. It was a pain in the ass, but I've been put off getting a fruit press due to the price. Well, I'm visiting my parents at the moment and the old man has a shed full of tools and spare bits of wood, and we have family about to...
  8. IainM

    Bulldog brewer how to.

    Hey Mo, I've got a Bulldog Brewer and I'm very happy with it. It certainly makes it quicker, easier and less messy than when I do BIAB. If you are ordering now you will get one of the more recent ones and they've worked through the teething problems. A few tips: Crush: If you crush your own...
  9. IainM

    Chevallier malt

    I've seen a few places selling a Chevallier malt, a heritage strain of barley that was popular in the 19th century until it was out-done by higher yielding varieties. It is expensive, about four times the cost of the cheapest pale ale malts, but everywhere that sells it is, unsurprisingly...
  10. IainM

    Free pint of punk IPA for voting in the election

    BrewDog are offering a free pint of punk IPA to anyone who takes a selfie outside a polling station. EDIT: changed "booth" to "station"
  11. IainM

    A little visitor has been eating my grain

    SWMBO went to visit a new nephew in the family, so I took the opportunity to make a brew after work yesterday. When the cats away, the mice come to play! Just pulling out my bag of grain and I found this: There was only one course of action. Instead of just doing one brew, I needed...
  12. IainM

    500g bags of hops

    I haven't used them myself but these 500g bags of hop pellets seem like a bargain.
  13. IainM

    Funny Video thread.

    These are some good bottle openers.
  14. IainM

    IainM's brew day

    So, I though I'd get one of these threads for my brews. Today was a Hefeweizen. Very simple recipe. 2.5kg wheat 2.5kg pilsner Mash as 67C for 60 mins. 23g Halletau (4%AA), 60 min Ferment at 17C with White Labs Started with 25L to strike temp, and a mini 5L batch spage. Got 21L into...
  15. IainM

    Does this sound like an infection?

    So, at the end of November I racked off an IIPA for bulk conditioning before doing a massive dry hop. I noted in the trial jar a distinctive woody/spicey/musty taste. The beer had fermented as normal, no signs of infection or particularly bad smells, just this unusual taste. I got 81% apparent...
  16. IainM

    Dry hop suggestions for splitting a BIPA four ways.

    So, I did a Black IPA a while ago. I want to split into four batches of 5L, each with a different dry hop. It spent 17 days in primary and has been bulk conditioning for the best part of a month since then. It was bittered with 30g Nugget @ 60mins, and 20g Falconers Flight at flameout. It...
  17. IainM

    Thinking about Russian Imperial Stout

    I'm planning to put a RIS on once the IIPA comes out the fv, vaguely based on the The Kernal recipe in the Mikkeller book, but with coffee, lactose, added DME/grain to compensate for my brewhouse efficiency. 5.5kg Pale 0.705kg Munich I 0.705kg Brown 0.562kg Black 0.228kg Amber 1kg light...
  18. IainM

    Fruit smoothie IPA: Brewdog/Siren Craft Ten Dollar Shake recipe

    I just saw the very interesting recipe for Ten Dollar Shake. It has mango, papya, passionfruit and lactose in it! Has anyone tried anything like it?
  19. IainM

    Super-speedy BIAB Mild: full-batch AG, pitched in under three hours

    I got back home yesterday evening after a weekend away, and really wanted to put a brew on, but as quickly as possible. So in the car I devised a plan for a three-hour brew-day, and still have enough time to carve pumpkins with the lad, make dinner, and watch the first episode of the new season...
  20. IainM

    3 litre swing tops

    I saw some 3 litre Staffordshire Brewery swing tops in John Lewis recently, Cheddleton Golden Ale and Cottage Delight Cheddleton Christmas Ale. I haven't tried the beers, and they aren't cheap (�£35 a pop). Impractical, I imagine it would be difficult to get a bottle filler down far...