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  1. VW911

    Did someone say our 'Giveaways' are back?

    Never win anything, so this could be a first! Count me in please...
  2. VW911

    Ritchies Red/White Grape Concentrates

    Check the label - Ritchies always used to put a recipe on it. I think they suggest that with addition of some sugar, (not sure how much, but I can find out on Monday), a 500ml bottle will make a gallon of wine...
  3. VW911

    How to make Turbo Cider.

    Campden tabs will have knocked the yeast out, hence no bottle carbonation. It may well come back to life, but probably take a while... ...Cider yeast has a habit of coming back to life, often for no obvious reason.
  4. VW911

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Wife went out earlier today to pick up some food for the chickens. The owner of the shop said that they were having trouble sourcing chicken feed, as most of it comes from Europe. She then rang me at work to ask if I had any spare grain in the shop as a "top up"... ..."Bugger off!" was my...
  5. VW911

    A horseman rides in from the east

    Handwashing can, if not done correctly, actually increase the biological count. Did a study on it a few years back, comparing unwashed, washed, and washed and sanitised hands. The results were quite an eye-opener...
  6. VW911

    So who's growing chillies 2020?

    Trouble with saving supermarket seeds is that many of them are F1 hybrids, meaning that the seeds may not be viable...
  7. VW911

    So who's growing chillies 2020?

    Agreed. I cross chillis every year - it always seems that the larger, fleshier (often milder) ones come through as the dominant strain the following year. Crossing the super hots seems to be easier than trying to cross a really hot one with a milder, flavoursome one... Ideally, I'd like to cross...
  8. VW911

    Amazon scam warning: 'Hang up immediately' warn police

    Amazon, as a whole, is a magnet for scammers. Part of my business is retailing on Amazon. The number of scams played out on sellers is truly amazing...
  9. VW911

    Who can brew beer at home

    I still think that there should be a tax on beards...
  10. VW911

    So who's growing chillies 2020?

    Will be growing the usual favourites - Paper Lanterns, Jalapeno, Srrrano, Padron, Ancho etc. Already got Moruga Scorpion, Fatalii, Rad Savina and Wartryx on the go, plus a few over-wintered varieties. Every year I say that I will cut back on the number of varieties, but always end up with stupid...
  11. VW911

    Who can brew beer at home

    I run a homebrew shop. People always seem to be talking to me about beer and wine... ...Can't figure it out!
  12. VW911


    I spent eight years as a QA Manager in an Abbottoir/Red Meat Plant. Whilst stunning is, for the most part effective, it can, and does go wrong. I've seen a steer stunned (with a captive bolt gun), but before the slaughterman could shackle him, and finish the job, the steer got up, and made a...
  13. VW911

    Bread Porn

    In a previous life I was a ships cook on a square rigged sailing ship. I used to love making bread - it was the best way to get the tar and tallow from the rigging from under my fingernails...
  14. VW911

    Reusable 10 litre box?

    How about:
  15. VW911

    Spot todays news.

    Your apostrophe in the wrong place? Or is it a statement that today is news???
  16. VW911

    Plastic pressure barrels?

    Hambleton Bard haven't supplied S30's for well over a year now. Think that "Brewgas" are the only ones doing them now...
  17. VW911

    Fermented hot sauce

    FWIW, I find that the meatier, more fleshy chillies make for a better consistency. A good idea is to use mainly capsicum type peppers for the main bulk of the sauce, but use super hots for the heat aspect. I've just blended one made with mainly red peppers, but about a dozen Carolina Reapers...
  18. VW911

    Fermented hot sauce

    Seems a good year for chillies - Scotch Bonnets in particular. I've never had such a good harvest...
  19. VW911

    Meaningless advertising slogans

    What really bugs me is when they say "UP TO 100% BETTER/CHEAPER/FASTER "etc. So, theoretically, it could be as little as 1 or 2%...
  20. VW911

    Fermented hot sauce

    Yep. A Chipotle is a smoked Jalapeno... ...Very tasty they are too!
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