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  1. jceg316

    Is a RO filter worth it?

    I have done previously and was happy with the results. Trouble is I don't like buying lots of water on a regular basis due to the amount of plastic I'll be going through. I remember when I first discovered water profiles being important, I was trying to make an IPA but it kept coming out bad. I...
  2. jceg316

    Is a RO filter worth it?

    I have really hard water where I brew. Whilst I try to condition my beers for non porters and stouts, I was wondering whether it makes better beer by starting off with a "neutral" profile and adding whatever is needed. My favourite style of beer is Czech pils, helles, kolsch, that sort of thing...
  3. jceg316

    Snickers stout recipe

    I just saw this message now, thanks for sharing the extract. I'll try it next time I do a peanut stout.
  4. jceg316

    Mass home brew forum video call Pub(s) Saturday 4th April

    I only just saw this. I'd be really up for a virtual pub if it's happening again.
  5. jceg316

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I'm way out in Orpington, zone 6, I've been going to Poverest Park which doesn't have any gates, and judging by some people who live round there it may take more than some tape to keep them out. I have some friends in Bethnal Green and Mile End who were a bit upset they couldn't go round...
  6. jceg316

    The Coronavirus thread.

    The wife and I took the dog for a walk in the park yesterday (SE London) and there were more people there than I have seen in a while, but most seemed like they were out for their daily BorisWalk™ or exercise. Didn't seem like people came to just sunbathe. I have a friend who goes for a daily...
  7. jceg316

    Is anyone else having trouble with Geterbrewed?

    I ordered from GEB 25th March, they had a notice on their site saying orders would be sent out up to 5 days after ordering due to current situation. 5 days later I get an email saying they have shipped my parcel with Parcelforce 48 (I think they use that for everything). Still waiting on PF to...
  8. jceg316

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    It's probably one of those things that's easier to do than to describe. If you have a brew fridge with a good temperature control it's just a matter of changing the temperature every so often. I do agree brewing should be fun and only do what's enjoyable to you. Before I got a brew fridge I...
  9. jceg316


    Thanks. They do have a good feedback score but always good to hear any recommendations. I've not rehydrated in first runnings before but sounds like a good idea. Do you put it on a stirplate or just leave it?
  10. jceg316


    Was looking at the seller YeasterBunnyBrewing on ebay, there are some strains they sell which contain bacteria. I'm half way through the book American Sour Beers which makes clear to make a traditional sour you need to leave the bugs fermenting for up to a year. Is it the case with these strains...
  11. jceg316

    How long can I store my Beer?

    As long as good sanitation was maintained the beer will be fine in the FV for 2 weeks. The majority of my beers are in the FV for 2+ weeks. Hope the Mrs doesn't get too ill and wish you both all the best.
  12. jceg316


    What I think I'll do is make an extra 5 litres of beer in my next batch and put it in a small demijohn, then chuck in the slurry from this to see what happens. I also found a brown ale I made with kveik, possibly Hornindal, and have saved the dregs from a couple of bottles. That I will make a...
  13. jceg316


    I'm going to bottle a doppelbock soon which has been sitting on WLP Opshaug since November. I wouldn't mind trying to reuse it. Would it be worth making a starter before reusing it?
  14. jceg316

    Please test my Simple Water Calculator

    That makes complete sense, thanks for explaining. Interesting how two calculators appear to be vastly different for similar styles! In my experience I didn't really like Bru n Water, although I did like their long list of water profiles. GW's water calculator is quite simple and following the...
  15. jceg316

    Please test my Simple Water Calculator

    Finally managed to give this a go. It's a nice calculator, I like its simplicity and that it tells you what to additions are needed for a target profile, not all do this. I use Graham Wheeler's liquor treatment calculator when I need to do water calculations. I'm not great with water chemistry...
  16. jceg316

    Nice or Nasty.

    Nasty. Sauerkraut.
  17. jceg316

    Things to do whilst self - isolating

    Good work! I think learning to code is a good use of time and if it's something you enjoy I recommend Python or Ruby next. I started making a homebrew calculator in Python a while ago, but like many projects it fell by the wayside. Anyway, I'd find this useful. My brewshed is complete with...
  18. jceg316

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

  19. jceg316

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I took a walk with my dog this morning along my local high street and some the roads next to it. All the shops are closed apart from anywhere selling food of course, but still a lot of people out and about, not the ghost town I thought it would be.
  20. jceg316


    By typing it in I suppose. In Adobe Reader you can add signatures as well.
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