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  1. Popey

    Brewing Podcasts

    I really enjoy the Brulosophy and Experimental Brewing podcasts. Another one that's very good is By The Mash Tun.
  2. Popey

    How many litres of home brew 2019.

    23l of Jon Finch California Common (now in keg) and 23l of Malt Miller Tribute clone fermenting. Total = 13,630l
  3. Popey

    What did you brew today?

    Today I brewed a Tribute clone from the Malt Miller. It’s my 5th brew on my Grainfather and I was delighted to hit my numbers. acheers.
  4. Popey

    Popey's brew day

    Today's brew day was a Rhubarb and ginger saison. The recipe is: 1670g Dingeman’s Pilsner 420g Crisp Pale Wheat This is for a 10l test batch. Hops are Amarillo and Ekuanot. It didn't quite go to plan. I had an issue with the new version of the Grainfather app. The target temperature for...
  5. Popey

    What did you brew today?

    A test batch (10l) of a rhubarb and ginger saison.
  6. Popey

    How many litres of home brew 2019.

    It was a Malt Miller AG kit - details can be found here. I also added 1Kg of oat husks to avoid a stuck sparge. 1Kg may have been overkill, but I didn't want my first AG brewday going t**s up.
  7. Popey

    The Boy Taylor

    Presumably you mean the all-grain kit? I made this on 27th July at the Malt Miller during one of their brewdays. The fermentation has all but finished and the taste that I had when checking the specific gravity indicates to me that it's fine as it is. Malt Miller do a 'deluxe' version of the...
  8. Popey

    How many litres of home brew 2019.

    23l Speciale Kentish Ale 23l Wilko Feeling Hoppy pale ale 17l Erdinger clone 23l The Boy Taylor According to my calculator that makes 11,343l
  9. Popey

    Pin injection valves

    I found Wilko to be very responsive to telephone calls, but completely the opposite when I emailed them about wanting to return my crown capper. Give them a call.
  10. Popey

    Don't take your eye off the BOIL.

    Same here - I'm a morning person - Americano with two shots (sometimes three) of expresso for me!
  11. Popey

    Newbie first brew questions

    The same thing happened to me and the capper was promptly returned for a refund. I then bought a bench crown capper.
  12. Popey

    Cold Crashing

    That's what I did a couple of weeks ago. The bottles have conditioned and carbed up beautifully.
  13. Popey

    Don't take your eye off the BOIL.

    Crikey Gerry! I hope that it's not too painful and that you make a speedy recovery. When I started researching AG brewing, my original thought was to go with separate kettles, probably gas-fired. However, the thought of knocking over a kettle-full of boiling wort scared the bejesus out of me...
  14. Popey

    No bubbles in airlock

    So, I checked again this evening and again there was no airlock activity. So i decided to take a sample to get a hydrometer reading. The OG was 1054 and 4 days later it's down to 1024. The target gravity is 1009, so a little way to go yet and I'll take another sample on Monday. As far as the...
  15. Popey

    Popey's first AG brew day

    Last week I bit the bullet and treated myself to a Grainfather and sparge water heater. I had planned to wait a couple more weeks, but a) the money was available and b) I'd had an extremely crappy week so I thought "sod it". For my first brew, I decided to do a recipe from the Malt Miller - a...
  16. Popey

    No bubbles in airlock

    I've been fretting about my first AG brew - an Erdinger clone. There has been no airlock activity since I pitched the yeast just over 72 hours ago. The batch size is about 17l in a 23l FV...There is, however, a lovely smell in the fermenting fridge and there is also a krausen line above the...
  17. Popey

    What are you drinking tonight.

    I tried one of my Wilko "Feeling Hoppy" triple hopped pale ales that I bottled a couple of weeks ago. Good carbonation and not bad at all. I think it will improve over time...
  18. Popey

    Cold crashing and bottling - question

    To be honest, I haven't used a calculator yet. I was going to add 7.5g of dextrose solution per 500ml (the recommendation on a video from Lovebrewing). Having looked at the calculator on this site (while somewhat sleep-deprived due to a new puppy), this would give me 4.2 volumes of CO2 at 20...
  19. Popey

    Cold crashing and bottling - question

    Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your help.
  20. Popey

    Cold crashing and bottling - question

    On the basis that there is no such thing as a dumb question, here goes... My Wilko triple hopped IPA has finished fermenting and I want to cold crash it to clarify it before bottling. I'm planning on reducing the temperature in my fermentation fridge to 4 degrees for a few days. My question...
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