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  1. Skippi

    Bread Porn

    Was running low on flour to bake bread with so used 50% Indian Laila Atta light medium flour with 50% wholemeal. From everything I had read online about Laila Atta light medium flour for bread making I wasn't expecting too much, however I was pleasantly surprised with the results.
  2. Skippi

    Bread Porn

    Think I will definitely play with the % of wholemeal, 100% is not the way to go. Wholemeal maybe the marmite of the bread world. Personally I love the taste and texture, but each to their own.
  3. Skippi

    Bread Porn

    You are not wrong, last weekend I baked a brick !!!
  4. Skippi

    Bread Porn

    Attempt No. 4 - A simple recipe with half wholemeal and half strong white. Significantly lighter than a 100% wholemeal I tried last weekend !! Used fresh yeast this time instead of dried.
  5. Skippi

    Grainfather Cleaning

    Seems the general advice is to clean thoroughly after each brew and store carefully. Due to the fact it is not possible to completely empty the counterflow chiller, I think I will still do a 5 min rinse to flush any remaining fluids (and cockroaches !! :eek:) prior to the next brew and then...
  6. Skippi

    Grainfather Cleaning

    Thanks Sid & Horners. Sounds like I can get away with only cleaning after a brew. Though I might still do a quick 5 min rinse to flush the counterflow chiller so that I do not contaminate the next brew. Should still cut down the brew day and save a bit on cleaning products.
  7. Skippi

    Grainfather Cleaning

    I have been cleaning my Grainfather both prior to brewing and after. Have been considering if I need to go through the full cleaning process prior to brewing as ultimately I will be boiling the wort. If not, this would save considerable time cleaning with the Grainfather Performance cleaner...
  8. Skippi

    Did someone say our 'Giveaways' are back?

    Brut IPA, yes please !
  9. Skippi

    Your favourite radio station.

    Love Solar Radio. Also listen to Kane FM a local radio station with no playlists, Jasper the Vinyl Junkie rocks !!!
  10. Skippi

    Bread Porn

    Out of interest, how do you get the pattern on the crust ? I assume it has something to do with the type of dough used ?
  11. Skippi

    Bread Porn

    First time baking bread, pretty happy with the results. Will find out tomorrow for breakfast what it is like to eat.
  12. Skippi

    Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA Beer Kit + Free Enhancer

    If you mean OG (Original Gravity) before fermenting, I have done this kit twice with the recommended 1.2kg Light Malt Extract, but only to 21 litres not 23 and the OG both times came out as 1.053
  13. Skippi

    New FV for Christmas....but which one?

    Hi Stevieboy Earlier in the year I got a Brupaks Fermenter 30ltr, perfect seal every time and very easy to clean. Might be worth a look.
  14. Skippi


    Would love the wifi version please.
  15. Skippi

    * October Give Away * It's MASSIVE!

    Count me in please !!
  16. Skippi

    *Give Away* Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Brew Day Bundle - Juicy Session IPA

    Count me in please. Juicy Session IPA, whats not to like !!!
  17. Skippi

    Quick question - mangrove jack's kit

    I have made the Mangrove Jack's Pink IPA a couple of times now. As others have said, opening the kit to get to the yeast will expose the malt extract. I have just sprinkled the yeast on top of the wort and never had any issues with fermentation. Worth drinking this one fairly young once...
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