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  1. Realalemonster

    Rob's Export porter

    Just making this one, cooling down through my home made chiller as I type. Cut the grain bill by about 5%, OG 1055ish. Added some Cascade and Hallertau that I had left, about 10g in total at the last 5 mins. Anyone made this?
  2. Realalemonster

    My first brew for years!! Bonn Place Brewing Mr. Harry’s Pig Tale Extra Pale

    Made my first AG brew in about 15 years today. Bought my ingredients from crossmyloof. Used Simcoe in place of Pacific Jade, similar alpha acid. Everything went hunky dory, pitched yeast at about 27 degrees, a bit high I know, but stuck it in the cellar so hopefully ok. At the top of the celler...
  3. Realalemonster

    Yeast starter

    After about 15 years since my last AG brew, I'm ready to start again. I remember to make a yeast starter I would take about 300 ml of wort and add my yeast to this till it bubbled up nicely to it's magical goodness. Is this method ok or is there a better way?
  4. Realalemonster

    Back to making beer!

    Decided to start making my own beer again after a 15 year lay off. Got most of my equipment together, wish I'd saved my old stuff! Great forum, wish it was about when I first started making grain brews in about 1994.