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  1. Mavroz

    Beer in A Bag

    Hi, bit of a strange question that i cannot find an answer to. When putting beer in a bag & box to use with a pump, does the bag have to be sanitised inside first? I can't find an answer but guess it should be as per bottle sanitising before filling. Thank you. (Posted a similar request...
  2. Mavroz

    Carb advice

    Good evening, Looking for a bit of advice on carbonation. I usually use 135 grams of dextrose sugar to carbonate the 23 litre IPA I brew. Now, new horizons have started to interest me. Hopefully I will be picking up a fully working beer engine, handpull at the weekend. I want to make a brew in a...
  3. Mavroz


    Made a brew up earlier today, put it in the brew fridge .... 4 hours later, 27 degrees. Looks like the fridge has packed up. Compressor is running, light comes on but it just isn't getting cold. Was working fine up until Wednesday. Picking a replacement up tomorrow so have left the fridge door...
  4. Mavroz

    Bottling nightmare !

    Bottling days for me are getting a bit out of control these days... :laugh8:
  5. Mavroz


    Hi, was bought 4 bottles of Greene King IPa Reserve, the one in the red bottle. I have to say, it is quite a nice sweet IPa which has to me, a taste of sweet caramel. Is this flavour achieved with malt and hops alone ( if so, does anyone have a recipe or know what ingredients are used) or are...
  6. Mavroz


    Have just placed an order from CrossMyLoof for some grain and hops. This was using the grain and discount hop page. Applied the Discount Code, GiveMe10Tom. Shortly after , i received an email stating i cannot use the code on grain and discount hop orders as profit margins on grain are already...
  7. Mavroz

    Mash times

    Hi, as the weather isn't particularly hot at the moment, I have decided to keep on brewing after initially stopping for the summer. With my latest IPA brew today, I have decided to try a brew with a 60 minute mash (grain bag steep) as opposed to my usual 30 minutes. I am not sure what...
  8. Mavroz


    Anyone have any input on best Conditioning temperatures? I am guessing higher end temperatures around 30 degrees would/could give bottled beers an off taste if they were conditioned at this temperature wouldn't they? I think 20 degrees will be fine?
  9. Mavroz


    Does anyone know a supplier that i can buy 50g or 100g of sovereign hop pellets from please? Can't seem to find them anywhere.
  10. Mavroz

    Sovereign hops

    Is there a problem with Sovereign hops? Do they go under a different name or is there an equivalent? Have looked around CML and Geterbrewed but can't seem to find them. Am only looking for around 50g for a trial recipe but they seem a little elusive. Thanks.
  11. Mavroz

    Cider fermenting...

    Have Cider fermenting, was in the form of a kit. Blowoff releasing co2 happily for 3 days. But it is giving off a pungent sulphur / eggy smell. Is this normal for a Cider? Temperature of FV is 20/22 degrees.
  12. Mavroz

    To squeeze or not to squeeze ?

    When brewing a partial mash, after the 60 minute controlled steep at 66c, when removing the grain bag before the boil should the bag be squeezed to release the remaining liquid / flavour or not? The short question is, do other brewers squeeze their bag dry or not?
  13. Mavroz


    I would be interested to know if LME can be used to substitute anything / any stage of an AG brew. Shorten the AG process to something like a partial mash. Partials are relatively easy, use LME and give very, very good results for me up to now. No need for all the extra equipment etc etc. If...
  14. Mavroz


    Started another (yes addicted) brew off yesterday. Another partial mash, this time from The Malt Miller. It was this one Anyway all went well but disappointed with the customer service from them. Followed instructions but...
  15. Mavroz


    Hi. A couple of you know I got into brewing, not for myself but was egged on by friends to make up some homebrew for Autumn and notes Christmas. Anyway I am in it now conkers deep and am about to start my 9th bitter/ale (from maltmiller) probably at the weekend. I seem to prefer a partial mash...
  16. Mavroz


    A couple of questions on finings. When do you use them for kits and partial mash kits? The ones I have (harris) say mix with a little COLD water and add to the FV a day before bottling up. I did this but when I mixed with water and put in FV, the finings were a bit lumpy and grainy. Bottling...
  17. Mavroz

    Wanted : - Crates

    Hi, anyone know of any Plastic Stackable Beer crates for sale at a decent price? Bought some from Ebay a few weeks back, wishing i had bought more for £5 each + £7.50 delivery for upto 7 i think it was. Anyway, they have all sold now but need a good few more. Looking for crates around 10...
  18. Mavroz

    Hobgoblin Replica

    Here we go, have made the jump. Once the cat is out of the FV, this will be going in next week. First time obviously I will have tried anything like this. I have a 15 litre stock pot I use for making up curry gravy (Another story) so will give it a try. Can't be that hard, can it ...
  19. Mavroz

    Bulldog Brew Bad Cat

    My next brew is going to be a Bulldog Brew Bad Cat. The kit has arrived and hopefully will hit the Fv (hopefully getting to know the terminology a little)abigt on Sunday, all being well. Big bag of Extract, a couple of packs of Hop pellets this time (my last one was leaf and bud). What i have...
  20. Mavroz

    Will's Olde English Ale

    Ok, so this is my very first own brew. Will's Olde English Ale Not sure why, i just saw it here and went for it. Bottle last Sunday morning and to be honest, i have been like a kid on the lead up to...