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  1. Callumbo

    Ginger beer. Any body had a go?

    Hi guys. I've just brewed my first ginger beer. I researched quite a bit online and there were so many different variants so I gave it a go and wondered if any body else had any joy? I used 10 litres water 1kg table sugar 1l of golden Syrup 600g ginger Some random spices. Cinnamon, Cayenne...
  2. Callumbo

    A pale ale but will it be any good?

    Hi guys. I put on a brew yesterday and rather than a recipe I just made a rough recipe and wondered if it sounds okay to every one. 5kg Marris otter 100g crystal malt 50g chocolate malt 60min boil Challenger 25g start Ekg 20g 10min Mosaic 10g 10min Mosaic 15g finish Dropped...
  3. Callumbo

    Blinding success!!!

    Hi guys. Been a little while since I've posted as Christmas is a busy time. A few weeks back I brewed a Belgian pale ale and it was a tad disastrous with my hand in the FV and hops everywhere with bags all over the place and an og that was too low so I dumped some honey in it to bring it...
  4. Callumbo

    What do you guys think of my setup? Tips appreciated

    Hi guys It's a brew day for me and I am well happy with my setup. This is my third all grain and so far it's been smooth sailing. It's currently sparging as per the pic. Im all up for making changes to make it even better so any tips or questions then please do so.
  5. Callumbo

    Happy and sad brewing problem

    Well I'm very happy that I have just bottled my Belgian honey pale ale. This was my 2nd all grain and had a sip and it's tastes amazing!!! I did however bottle my last glass bottle so don't have anymore for my next brew :-( It also made me realise that I have got over 100 bottles either...
  6. Callumbo

    What's my OG

    Hi guys. I was looking for some help calculating the og on a wine ice started. It's got 327g of sugar in 3.5ltrs. Hope this is enough to calculate the og. I've had a look online but seems well low. So any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Callumbo

    Make your own extract? Can it be done?

    Hi guys. I was toying with an idea earlier today about the kits you get for brewing beer and they are basically a condensed wort from when you do all grain. Now my question is, is it possible to continue the boil to the point of very high og so that you could store this and effectively...
  8. Callumbo

    The age of the average home brewer?

    Now I'm not calling you guys old :whistle: But I've read a few "ooh my back" and "when the gran kids are over" :lol: and was just curious of the age of you brewers. From what I've read most of you seem to be 50's or 60's and I reckon some of you make the best beer known to man due to years of...
  9. Callumbo

    Have i ruined my beer???

    It is with a very sad head I fear I may have ruined a day of brewing. I was having a great brew day until I had cooled the wort :doh: This is the first time using hop pellets which were combined with buds for a different hop and when I tried syphoning they blocked the tap. Then I used a bit...
  10. Callumbo

    Labeling your own bottles

    Good evening I thought I'd share my first go at labeling my bottles as I'm very happy with the result. First off you have to design your labels. The shape can be circular or square. Square is a hell of a lot easier to cut out than circles especially if you have a proper slidey cutter do...
  11. Callumbo

    A Grain Brew on Saturday - Belgian Pale Ale

    Afternoon I've got a big brew day planned for Saturday. I have just finished making my immersion chiller, fitted a hop strainer and tap to my cool box and a rotating sprinkler to the lid for sparging so all set to go. Last time i did a BIAB and thought that as i had the bits i might as...
  12. Callumbo

    Big krausen after 3 weeks

    Hi guys I did my first all grain brew the other day and it all went successful however it's been 3weeks now and I was hoping it would have cleared. Because they are in 2 x 5litre mineral water bottles I know the krausen will be slightly thicker due to the smaller surface area at the top. My...
  13. Callumbo

    Immersion chiller. Well happy

    Hi guys. Thought I'd share my new immersion chiller I just made. I bought some copper hose from wickes for £20 and after some bending round a demijohn it's finished. It was so easy and it's going to be so worth it for my next home brew.
  14. Callumbo

    Curious about lager. Why do you do it?

    I just wanted to ask why brew lager? First off I don't mean any offence by this but lager is pretty cheap most of the time with 50p a can when deals are on. With most of it being pretty good. Where as for a decent ale it's normally £2 a bottle so considerably cheaper to home brew. Now I...
  15. Callumbo

    My first wgj peach and apple juice

    Hi guys. I saw the wow recipe and couldn't help myself. I did 1l white grape juice with peach 1.5l apple juice 1kg sugar in 1l water It's nice fermenting away and making a very annoying bubbling notice which is great. However being a totally newbie to wine I over did the sugar. Ive...
  16. Callumbo

    Pale smooth fruity ale but not chewy

    I asked my sister what kind of beer she fancied for Christmas. And that was her response :lol: Anybody got any recipes that meet these demands. She likes all the top ales, bishops finger, speckled hen and the like. Any recipe suggestions would be awesome. Thanks in advance
  17. Callumbo

    Simple All Grain

    Hi guys I recently did my first all grain with inspiration from clibit's all grain post and I asked loads of questions and was given loads of helpful advice. As promised I have put together all the stuff I did with pictures to help new all grain brewers. So here we go. It's a simple...
  18. Callumbo

    Refractor reading

    Hi guys I just bought myself a refractor from the Amazon. Its got brix reading and sg readings on the glass. I had some evian water to put a few drops on it and set it to read 0. First off its not a particularly sharp blue line and more of a blue mist. It is also reading 1.023ish when my glass...
  19. Callumbo

    Where to get grains

    Hi guys Has anybody got any sites that I can order all grain from that you can choose a specific day for delivery. Im off for a couple of days soon but all brew sites say it'll be delivered in 3-5 days and it's a bit of a gamble that I'll be in. If I'm ordering 25kg of Marris otter then I...
  20. Callumbo

    Trub problem or not?

    Hi guys I posted in the brew section a couple of days ago and got some really helpful advice. I have however realised that I did not take trub into account. I just put the whole lot in the FV. Is this going to cause my beer problems? Or will it survive? It's on my first all grain BIAB so...