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  1. RichK

    House Bitter - development

    Attempt 1 Since moving to "lower" ABV brewing, I've wanted to start working on a 'house' bitter. Something I've always got a few bottles of, in the back of the cupboard. Now, I do like TT Landlord and my previous attempts ("Ptolemy Tylers Innkeeper") have come out very well, but just too...
  2. RichK

    Grain suppliers

    DarkRock but only because I'd normally drive over there. My nearest LHBS looks like it's shut down :(
  3. RichK

    What's on your to brew list?

    One of my more successful brews has always been "Ptolemy Tylers Innkeeper" (my TT Landlord style but more like 6% abv). Since I've now moved to lower ABV brews I now need to modify this accordingly to come up with a 3% version. First attempt in a couple of weeks. I've nailed down my grain...
  4. RichK

    To prime or not to prime

    Standard practice when I worked behind a bar in Leeds in 80s. Learned to never drink mild in the tap room pretty quickly.
  5. RichK

    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    I personally think what you drink it out of is more important than what you store it in...
  6. RichK

    New CML yeasts

    Only just noticed (thanks to this thread) CML are trading again :) My LHBS has shut down (permanently?) & next nearest is short on yeast (no S04 or S05). I can see a CML order coming.
  7. RichK

    Low ABV brewing

    I'm on my third lower abv brew. No problems so far with fermenting. I've added a whole pack of yeast even though half a one might be enough. If you're concerned, I suppose you could try adding a little yeast nutrient, but not tried that myself as I don't think that's necessary. Yeast will...
  8. RichK

    To prime or not to prime

    2 weeks in fermenter 2 weeks priming 2 weeks conditioning
  9. RichK

    Cold Crashing

    My fermenter doesnt have an airlock as it wouldnt fit in the fridge. Just a tiny hole in the lid. Doesnt seem to have created any problems. Bottom line. Don't worry. It'll be fine.
  10. RichK

    Low ABV brewing

    I've recently moved in to lower abv AG brewing, with promising results. Typically, ~2.6kg grain mashed at ~70C with a pre-boil volume of ~20L. Should give about ~16L output at <3% Couple of things I've noticed: Need to be careful with hops. Very easy to overdo it! Patience when...
  11. RichK

    Citra / Simcoe IPA hop schedule

    No reason other than I was trying something different to see if I liked the result.
  12. RichK

    Citra / Simcoe IPA hop schedule

    Simcoe & Citra is one of my favourite combinations. I tried using MJ M44 on my latest batch & whilst pleased with the results, it obviously took much longer to ferment as at a much lower temp (12C v 19C). Next time I do similar, will probably just use something like s05.
  13. RichK

    Brew Fridge - Settings

    I think the two main considerations to avoid cycling of heating & cooling are a) hold sensor against fermenter with tape or a band & cover with some insulation and b) set the compressor delay to a reasonable figure iirc mines at 30 mins
  14. RichK

    Low Alcohol Homebrew Beer

    Tomorrow I'm bottling my second low)er) ABV brew. 1.65 kg pale 200g lager malt (leftovers) 125g flaked barley 40 mins @71C mash - simple jug sparge to 20L pre-boil. I misjudged & overdid the sparge having originally intended for more like 16L preboil. 12g Simcoe @30 mins whirlfloc @5...
  15. RichK

    Lower ABV brews

    Until now, most of mine has been around 6%. However, I need to reduce that somewhat, to something more like "half strength beer"... anyhow, I like tangents :) Friday tomorrow, so I can have another couple & see what difference a week makes.
  16. RichK

    Lower ABV brews

    So I finally did this. 1.6kg Pale, 100g Flaked, 100g Carapils mashed at 70C but it got extended from a planned 30mins to 90! Pre boil vol of 20L then 20, 15 & 15 of Liberty at 30, 10 & 0 mins. CML real ale yeast (had to hand) SG 1032 netting about 16L @ 2.6%. But the important question? Is...
  17. RichK

    Why are Tilts so expensive and can you justify the cost of buying them

    I can't answer the poll. I bought one but don't think they're good value. I did consider building an iSpindel but patience isn't always my strong point so bought a Tilt on a whim. I do think the data from the Tilt is useful (I work with data for my job...) but it's far from essential, though...
  18. RichK

    Lower ABV brews

    For reasons not relevant/important right now, I want/need to try a couple of brews with reduced ABV. My target being something I can claim to be "half strength", so about 3% max is the aim So, I'll probably start with something simple such as a vaguely Banks Mild clone but still cut it down a...
  19. RichK

    BIAB thoughts...

    Mine is wrapped in a used camping mat, two jumpers beyond redemption, a towel and some old pyjamas...