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  1. proost

    Saving yeast

    My first attempt at saving yeast. It's from a wheat beer using WB-06, all grain. I've seen photos of saving yeast but they all seem to have 3 layers, whereas mine has obviously got 2. It was a 12l batch and after racking into secondary fv, I just swirled around the trub at the bottom and dumped...
  2. proost

    Straining hops

    My second attempt at all grain (?) brewing. I made a small batch, 10L, and added 25grms. of hops at the end of the boil. I placed a straining bag in the FV and poured the wort into it and it took ages to strain, in fact after about 15/20 mins. hardly anything filtered through. I bought two...
  3. proost

    How to reduce alcohol content.

    Is it possible to reduce the alcohol content of my kit beer? It's a wilko Cervesa kit that I have tweaked and at the present time, after 13 days in the FV, it's about 5.2%. I was aiming for it to finish at about 4.5%ish. The FV has 21 litres in it. Is it possible just to add water? Any views on...
  4. proost

    Safbrew T-58 yeast

    Anyone of you master brewers tried this yeast? If so any comments would be most welcome.
  5. proost

    Coopers Fermenter Snap Tap

    Hello Chaps, anyone know the cheapest place to buy this? Found it online but the postage is dearer than the tap :?
  6. proost


    Right, I've got : 2 cans Wilkos Velvet Stout 1 x Coopers Wheat 1.5 (liquid malt only) 600g frozen blackberries Loads of Crushed, Chocolate,Wheat,Flaked Barley and Crystal Black Treacle Any suggestions, not rude ones thank you very much,on what I can make using the above? Looking for something...
  7. proost

    Using different dried yeast together

    This may be a bit too late to ask as I intend brewing this afternoon, but here goes. I'm getting a Geordie Bitter on the go later, and the supplied yeast is a 7g packet. I have various packs of yeast left over from other kits (I only brew kits) because I used a different yeast. It seems a shame...
  8. proost

    Wilkos Velvet Stout temperature........

    Made this up a few weeks ago. Tweaked it a bit so the SG was 1.060 but the problem I have is my STC controller packed up in my brew box and the temperature has now dropped to around 10c/12c, been like this for a week now. At the moment the gravity is at 1.014. I have fermented this at 20c and...
  9. proost

    Best aroma hops to use

    Been home brewing, mainly kits, for a while now and I'd like to experiment with hops that add aroma only. I don't like my beer too bitter. Any views on what hops I can use? What do they smell like? When to add them? I mainly brew bitters and stouts Thanks chaps
  10. proost

    Safbrew T- 58

    Anyone used this yeast? I want to brew something similar to a belgian beer but fermenting in the higher temperature. I have been brewing Saison beers (25c to 30c) but fancy trying something different. Any thoughts chaps? :|
  11. proost

    Safbrew T- 58

  12. proost

    Bottle Bombs!

    Made a Wherry in December last year and started on it in March this year.Tasted quite bitter and harsh so I thought I would leave it for a while. I had forgotten all about until last week when I heard a loud pop in the garage and beer on the floor with a bottle with the bottom blown off. I...
  13. proost

    Conditioning Lager

    I recently made a Wilkos Delicate Pilsner. I have made this twice before, tweaking the recipe and after secondary fermentation, storing it in my fridge. I was speaking to another home brewer the other day and he said he finds it conditions better if left out of the fridge. Any ideas on this...
  14. proost

    Finlandia kits

    Anyone tried the Finlandia kits? Ive seen the Winter Brew in the review forum, but that's the only one. Drinking: 2 x Wherries 4.5% + 6.0% Coopers Stout Coopers Wheat 4 different Seasons Conditioning: Milestone Shine On Abdij,Grand Cru,Oud Vlaams,Triple,Diablo Wilkos Real...
  15. proost

    Porter Kit, any recommendations?

    Afternoon Chaps, As the title says, any Porter drinkers recommend a decent kit? Preferably with some tasting notes. :!:
  16. proost

    Whats a good bitter yeast?

    Right, Iv'e been brewing for a year now (kits only) with excellent results, and fancy trying a different yeast to change the flavour of my bitters. Any advice on what ale yeasts have different flavours? :hmm:
  17. proost

    Split in Pressure Barrel

    Hi Chaps, I managed to get hold of a load of second hand brewing stuff including two PBs, both the old Boots type with the wide neck. Before I used the barrels I checked for leaks and they were both ok. Well you can guess what happened next, one of them developed a small split about 6 inches...
  18. proost

    Spray/Liquid malt, the difference?

    Whats the difference between Dried Spray malt and Liquid Malt? Does it work out the same weight? ie: 1.5kg Dried is the same as Liquid? I made a Wilkos Delicate Pilsner earlier in the year using one kit tin (1.5kg) 3 x 500g Light Dried Spray Malt + S-23 Yeast. Came out really nice. That...
  19. proost

    Milestone Shine On, cloudy.

    Afternoon Chaps, Just started drinking the above. Added 500g Light Spraymalt, yeast nutrient, bottled water. Brewed to 23L. Came out about 5%. Kegged. The beer is slightly cloudy from the keg, carbonated just right, no off smells and tastes blooming lovely. I also bottled 4x500ml and these...
  20. proost

    Wilkos Stout Stuck at 1.018

    Evening Chaps, Right, I put on a Wilkos Velvet Stout on 10/10/14 using: 500g Medium Spray Malt 400g Crushed Chocolate Malt 100g Crushed Wheat Malt , all simmered in a muslin bag for 30mins. 1 Tin of Stout 450g Black Treacle 300g Lactose Powder, mixed with warm water and added to the FV with...