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    Copper immersion chiller £10 (RRP £50+) collection only SE5 8PF

    Copper immersion chiller. Perfect working order. Plenty of public transport within walking distance. Permit parking during the week (free at weekends), but should be able to park within sight of the house and stick hazards on no problem. Have so much junk (brewing and non-brewing) have...
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    Keezer for collection in London SE5: £90

    Getting rid of my beloved keezer due to lack of space (I now have two children!). It's about 5 years old. Homemade with a solid oak collar. All the parts including the Lec freezer were brand new when I built it. Fits two full corneys and a half corney. Needs a drip tray, a CO2 canister and a...
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    Cheapest White Lab Yeast P&P?

    BrewUK £2.99 if you only want to buy a single vial! Would be grateful for better suggestions. Thanks
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    Mini auto siphon for yeast starter

    I'd like to use an auto siphon to remove the starter wort from my yeast starter. I've found this: Any other suggestions? Thanks
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    American Wheatwine?

    How would you classify this? Brewed it using leftover ingredients and it's been 7 days in the fermenter.... FG too high for an Imperial IPA. Black Malt not suitable for an Imperial IPA. OG not high enough for a American Barleywine... Boil Size: 26.63 l Batch Size (fermenter): 17.49 l...
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    Brewdog 660ml bottles

    When will they start selling beer in 660ml bottles again, if ever? Always used to use them for bottling...
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    Barcelona - huge disappointment

    See attached.
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    Timothy Taylor Golden Best recipe?

    Can't find any TT Golden Best recipes on the internet (Golden Best; not Best Bitter). Any ideas? I'm going to try something halfway between Landlord and Banks's Original. I'm particularly interested in yeast recommendations. Thanks!
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    First dry hop attempt

    How do people dry hop? I have a simple two Young's buckets with taps system. After primary, straight to batch prime in the second bucket via some food grade tube. Then straight into the bottles via little bottler. Works well for me so far and I don't want to overcomplicate things. I'd like...
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    Vinegary smell after primary

    Recently bottled my second all-grain brew. Looking for clues as to why the primary fermenter smelt so vinegary. Don't have logbook with me so forgive lack of detail. Brewed Burton Bridge Bitter in a standard plastic setup with fermenting fridge set to 20C. Everything went as expected. All...
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    First ever brew (and it was all-grain!)

    My first ever brew. Thank you to everyone who has helped me from this board! Grateful for feedback, but acknowledge it's a lot to read. Aim Brew 23 litres of Burton Bridge Bridge Bitter from the Graham Wheeler book Outcome 10 litres of, I suspect, very hoppy and ultimately alcoholic wort in...
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    Mystery connector brand??

    I have an immersion chiller with a 3/8" hose and brass connector attached to it. It is a common brand, but not labelled. I've seen them before and on this forum. Please could someone list the common brands of hose quick connects? It's not hozelock; think it might be German? It has two brass...
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    Fermentation fridge progress and questions

    I'd be grateful for help with my nearly-finished fermentation fridge. This is (honestly) the first bit of DIY of any sort I've ever done. I've never even put up shelves before: 1. Where is safe to drill a hole for the tube heater mains cable? 2. What's the best way to drill a hole big enough...
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    Hi I have almost all the equipment ready to go for my first mash brew including a home-built fermenting fridge! The only thing I know absolutely nothing about is tubing/connectors. I don't have an outside tap and plan to brew outside, so need to get mains water from the kitchen. I have an...
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    Hello from SE5

    Am a new brewer in Camberwell, South London. Have been to a couple of the London ABA meetings and helped an experienced member on a brew day. Have decided to go full mash straightaway. Foolish perhaps. I have a mash tun and have ordered a fermenting bin and boiler. My mentor assures me that...