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  1. SmokinMesa

    Q. For the big drinkers

    Hey guys. So I drink everyday. Probably way too much. Cost me a fortune, should cut down yada yada (not the point of this thread). My question is, do you big drinkers brew all your own drinks or do you find you drink more than you can brew and/or need to supplement?
  2. SmokinMesa

    2nd AG attempt

    Hey all. So clearly I can't be doing small batch without having a few on the go at once eh?! After my first ever homebrew attempt a few weeks ago I've just started my second. Calculated for about 12.5litres. 2.5kg Pale malt 200g Crystal malt Have some Columbus for the bittering and will add...
  3. SmokinMesa

    Secondary fermentation (in bottle) worry

    Hey guys. Very new to this, have tried to find an answer but can't. I hear leaving my brew in the FV for a bit after the gravity has stabilised is good to help "clear up". Is there a case of leaving it too long where the yeast will die (or become ineffective) when bottling and needing it for...
  4. SmokinMesa

    Paranoid about fermentation temp

    Hey all. So as it's my first go am being very "observant" with my FV. Have a basic 10 litre smash on using S-04. Woke up this morning, less than 30hrs after adding yeast and temp in FV up to 20 maybe 21C bubbling quite frequently. Panicked a bit and moved to cooler room and over the day is...
  5. SmokinMesa

    IPA conundrum

    Hey guys. So I love big hoppy IPAs. From what I understand these came about as they survived the long journeys around Africa to India. However, now I'm learning about home brew, I keep hearing that these same big hoppy IPAs don't like oxegen and their flavours drop off pretty quick. Am I...
  6. SmokinMesa

    1st ever brew (AG BiB Smash)

    Hi all. OK so done loads of reading and watching. Still realise there's so much to learn (even what most would call the basics). Inspired, like many others, by the simplicity demonstrated in this thread: Have a go at simple AG I think it's time to give it a go. I'm notoriously impatient so...
  7. SmokinMesa


    Hey guys, so ordered some basic gear (arriving next week). I appreciate a cornerstone of home brew is patience, that being said....... I'm aiming for a single grain single hop BITB "smash". Once fermentation is done and I've bottled, how long before I can chuck in the fridge and drink? My...
  8. SmokinMesa

    Evaporation during boil & cool

    Hey guys, might be a basic question but as a beginner I was wondering: Unless mistaken, after boiling the wort you need to cool it down as quick as possible. Why don't you boil with less water and add already cool water post boil to bring the temp down quicker? I assume treated water would...
  9. SmokinMesa

    Walk before run?

    Hey guys, so effectively a total newbie still reading and learning the basics. I'd like to brew some hoppy IPAs but am unsure if that's too ambitious for my first brew. Thing is I've gone off lager and don't drink real ale. I dont mind experimenting and/or failing. Happy to follow recipes...
  10. SmokinMesa

    Hello all

    Hey guys, What better time to seek the pleasures of homebrew?! I have to admit I've toyed with the idea for many a year but have been put off by a few lousy attempts when I was a teenager. A cheap kit and no doubt terrible technique resulting in a flat, cloudy horribly tasting muck. Over the...