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  1. rybinss

    What are you drinking 2024.

    Joining the 'its not p1$$ing it down so I'm in the garden 'brigade. Breezy but nice to be out. Drinking a Bathams clone that was rank 2 months ago, but is nice now... Oh oh just noticed the fireball in the sky......
  2. rybinss

    Heat Source Pumps.

    had to laugh at the stock photo of guy installing the heatpump. What's that behind him. Oh a shed load of logs,wonder what they are used for? Tbf we use the aircon/heatpump in spain and it works ok but not in extreme cold that we have here in winter. Still have a water heater for showers etc though.
  3. rybinss

    Klarstein fermenter - anybody using?

    I've done a couple of brews in mine so far with no issues. Nice solid piece of kit. I got a really good deal with mine. Got the discount so 100 quid down to 69. It duly arrived via ups and I noticed that although double boxed something sharp had pierced the box and put a tiny dint in the rim of...
  4. rybinss

    New Member

    And me till about 40 years ago. Well Denny actually. Still keep an eye on the Bairns results tho. Happy brewing.
  5. rybinss

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2024

    23l Bathams bitter clone 808L
  6. rybinss

    Old beer

    well it made a change from mcewan's export.
  7. rybinss

    What are you drinking 2024.

    fizzy water after a rugby watching session with my lads at the local black country Ales pub. Loved it.oh and Scotland won. Yeay!
  8. rybinss

    What did you brew today?

    found a coopers aussie Pale ale kit i forgot about bbe 03/23. will pimp up with some cascade. worth a punt. luckily I didnt see any other 'little creatures' lurking at back of the shed tho 😄 .
  9. rybinss

    What are you drinking 2024.

    I do have a soft spot for Holden's, I did a brew day with them years ago, jolly good people. Chugging a longhorn tonight tho...
  10. rybinss

    Low Alcohol & Low Calorie

    personal taste obviously but ive been drinking lucky saint hazy IPA and I've found that ok. I find that Spanish AF beers are pretty good, but I can only find freedamm generally on sale in UK. Bottles of Corona cero are ok and a good BBQ choice in the summer. Oh yes, I've just been gifted a mini...
  11. rybinss

    Klarstein fermenter - anybody using?

    Saw what you did there😄👋 my brains too addled from last night for any clever puns. back to spending money online😣
  12. rybinss

    Klarstein fermenter - anybody using?

    Absolutely agree. It was a good excuse for a new shiney though! Happy brew year everyone!
  13. rybinss

    Klarstein fermenter - anybody using?

    Thanks for the updates guys, last couple of brews in plastic fermenter got infected so was going to retire it anyway. I wont be using fridge but heat belt and inkbird in a cupboard. Capacity wise that should be fine for me. Klarstein stuff seems pretty well made. Always love a discount!
  14. rybinss

    Klarstein fermenter - anybody using?

    Hi bought their discounted all in one last year and happy with the quality. I see they have a 25l s\steel fermenter discounted to £70. Not planning on any pressure brewing or anything over 20l so I think it's worth a punt. Anybody using one of have any opinions on them?
  15. rybinss

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    red cabbage and ham done. A small half of helles to keep me going.. it's going to be a long boozy evening......
  16. rybinss

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    6:30 pm Thursday all shopping done. 6:30 Friday all shopping done - deffo. A helles please barkeep....
  17. rybinss

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Shopping done and time for my hazy(Ish) American IPA with cml Falkner's flight hops....well pleased with it happy days.
  18. rybinss

    smart meters

    Three million households at risk of incorrect energy bills due to faulty smart meters I arranged to have a new one fitted a couple of months back, they ripped out old gas and leccy meters, installed new ones and new super duper smart meter, hasn't work since! I have tried to contact EON...
  19. rybinss

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2023.

    Bathams clone on 27/11/23. 23 litres tantalizingly close to the 10k! total 9995 litres
  20. rybinss

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Hoppy Friday folks. First Timmy Taylor's for yonks. It's lovely. Ooh I've got the taste .