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  1. fluketamer

    Beer Kit Fermented in Corny Keg

    exactly . no "meaty off flavors " from yeast cake autolysis . this is a classic homebrew myth. meaty off lfavors in my experience is from stressed yeast not yeast cake. a easy way to test this is to drink the liquid off of slurry that you keep in the fridge. when i harvest cake from a...
  2. fluketamer

    Beer Kit Fermented in Corny Keg

    Yes or just pour it in keg why the bucket? This reminds me of dr Hans . Shake and brew. I hate kit prices in the states for some reason over here they are like 30$ for a can then you still need fermentables. I think it’s the import shipping cost that kill kits here. Pretty sure none are...
  3. fluketamer


    one of the key onset symptoms that primary care physicians have to look out for is essential tremor. which is no shakes at rest but potential issues when intentionally making movements like opening a door or signing your name. foot drop or locking of the legs is also an early sing. these are...
  4. fluketamer

    Show us your cat

    sorry for your loss clint. you gave him a really good life. much better than he could have had. i have gotten too attached to my boy. if something happens to him it will be hard.
  5. fluketamer

    This is not my first rodeo...

    i doubt that its infected it looks perfectly normal to me. and it looks good ( deliscious) . i think those are normal yeast rafts. id be nervous leaving my hydrometer in there while fermenting. i have never heard of putting the aq heater inside the fermenter . i imagine it could hold a...
  6. fluketamer

    Trump v Biden

    the ability for anyone to equalize the two of them is really beyond reality. there really is no comparison. one is compassionate, empathetic, a true elder statesmen , incredibly wise with experience and yes age. wisdom comes with age except for the truly ignorant. the other is a narcissist...
  7. fluketamer

    First-time Lager Brewing

    although not absolutely needed either two packs of yeast or a starter made from live yeast is much more likely to give you a healthy fermentation. . another option is to ferment half a batch (2 to 3 gallons) with the one pack then use the cake from that batch to ferment a full batch . this...
  8. fluketamer

    Vienna Lager Yeast

    northern brewer beat me to posting the warm fermented lager thread. i have only had luck fermenting 34/70 warm. the other yeast will make lager at warm temps but they are not nearly as clean
  9. fluketamer

    Picture or Video of the day.

    we had marlboro points :
  10. fluketamer

    Trump v Biden

    you can argue that victim shaming is worse than false accusation. the risks of being wrong in either instance is just too consequential. it can also be very subtle. i always thought that girls just should be smart enough not to get themselves in certain situations. but this is total BS. i...
  11. fluketamer

    Brewing my first batch of wine

    technically you dont brew wine you ferment it but yes all your beer equipment will work for wine. this thread is alot of fun. yo can make very good wine very easily and its all very...
  12. fluketamer

    moscow terror attack

    terrorists blew up a music concert in moscow and shot many concert goers . be careful when you click this is very disturbing
  13. fluketamer

    Bottles look flat while conditioning

    you shouldnt see any head in your bottles if you do you may have a leak.. leaky swingtops sometimes have a small head - obviously not a good thing
  14. fluketamer

    Disaster beer?

    dissolve it in cold to cool water not warm,. i have never added it after fermentation but it will def gives some body and a tad of sweetness to "undry" your beer. it doesnt get fermented so it shouldnt be a problem to add it to keg i just dont have that experience and havent googled it to see...
  15. fluketamer

    Mini Nitrogen Regulator

    here are some of my threads on using n2 dogdicks (not n2o) .
  16. fluketamer

    Mini Nitrogen Regulator

    Yes what he said but you can do this with a mini reg and n2 bulbs. It’s tricky and a juggling act. And. Not for full sized kegs. Basically I carb up a few liters in a min keg to around 2 vol. then pop on the nitro bulb wait about 12 hours then serve a few pints of the creamiest cascading...
  17. fluketamer

    I'm going nuts over hazelnuts

    Use extract. If you look through the hundreds of peanut butter threads it becomes obvious that extract works better and is easier than nuts even powdered fat free pb2 or the like. . It won’t kill the head it will annihilate it. No head. Hazelnuts are especially oily and beer and oil don’t...
  18. fluketamer

    Picture or Video of the day.

    thats cool i like stereograms but never tried that with an 8 of diamonds. i see the 15. stereograms are hard to explain . its not that you stare at it long enough the trick is to focus at a point behind the picture. its hard to get your brain to override the normal focusing. but when...
  19. fluketamer

    Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

    for jake its all about the publicity . win or lose he wins . but still losing could mean like permanent disabiltiy or at least ptsd. or who knows. like you said its a gamble. the guy is definately fearless.