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  1. Dazzelknight

    Using Lactose for Sweetening

    I don’t know the Machanics of the compounds but I add it in the last couple of minutes of the boil when doing milk stouts and they always taste great. I scoop some wort out in a jug and pour in the lactose powder and mix, then just pour back in the kettle. I think mixing in hot wort is just...
  2. Dazzelknight

    Hop plant pruning help

    Yeah all good ,, half dozen new shoots up
  3. Dazzelknight

    Hop plant pruning help

    Iv cut them back,, thx for the feedback
  4. Dazzelknight

    Hop plant pruning help

    Hi all I have two hop plants growing in the garden. After last years harvest I never cut back the vines. The reason for this is because they are relatively new plants and I read that to help the root system get the most out of the seasonal sunshine it’s was best to pick the cones rather than...
  5. Dazzelknight

    Help,quick brew needed.

    Yeah, pitch at 24’C for 24 hours then reduce
  6. Dazzelknight

    Pressure Barrel for lager?

    I guess it will stop the froth when u pour, but bottom line is it will be still under carbonated.. lesson learned 🙄
  7. Dazzelknight

    Pressure Barrel for lager?

    Iv got a lager in my pressure barrel at the moment (S30) but it will be the first and last time. Iv found it to be under carbonated and because I doubled up the elastic on the pressure release I’m pulling froth monsters out of the tap.
  8. Dazzelknight

    MAGNUM wine kit: Dead still at 1.014 – give up or EC1118?

    Surprised by that EC1118 is usually a beast. Your SG isn’t too high for 1118 so should have zero’d that out.. Worth checking your hydrometer in water, it maybe giving you a false reading 🤷🏼‍♂️, check the use by date on packet 🤷🏼‍♂️,, check ur juice packet maybe some unfermentable sweetener in...
  9. Dazzelknight

    ispindel setup help please

    I use this BrewSpy - Login
  10. Dazzelknight

    Leaky barrel

    Wow I didn’t know that ,, so a pressure barrel, the beer will absorb the the co2 ?
  11. Dazzelknight

    Leaky barrel

    They just pressurise the head space in the keg, which in turn holds the carbonation in your beer from priming.. After you pull a good few pints the pressure will drop and ul get a “glug back” as the tap will draw air back into the barrel,, this is when you recharge with a new cartridge. 👍🏽
  12. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Chocolate and coffee milk stout. GH recipe with a few extras thrown in 🍫 ☕️
  13. Dazzelknight

    Leaky barrel

    Literally a second. All you can do is fill the head space of the barrel. The barrel as a safety pressure release in the brass pin valve, so don’t worry u can’t over pressurise it… You can always re-prime with sugar and seal and restart the priming process
  14. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    First time Iv done a stout ,,, and wow !..Added cocoa nibs, toasted coconut and raspberry’s … I’m definitely gonna do another batch it tastes amazing 🤤
  15. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Timothy Taylor’s landlord special clone of the GF community app, pulled from the PB.. 1st time Iv done the recipe and I’m well impressed,, recommended 👌🏽 Wyeast1469
  16. Dazzelknight

    Best all-in-one brewing system

    I started with the same set up as you,, burco, BIAB, and a DIY circulating pump and was making good beer. Found a good deal on a 2nd hand grainfather G30 on EBay.. Best thing I bought !, a great bit of kit,, less mess, faster brew days and the grainfather app as 1000s of recipes that Bluetooth...
  17. Dazzelknight

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Did a pseudo lager with the NovaLager yeast, 100% pilsner, 20g saaz..not a big lager drinker but it’s actually not that bad for a grain to glass in 3 weeks.
  18. Dazzelknight

    Whats the collective thoughts on these fermenter floating devices?

    Ispindel ,, £38 and for me money well spent.. gives me a temp reading and lets me know when fermentations finished..saves me having to go to the garage and take readings…Now winters here and if my Ferm fridge is in use, and Iv got a second brew I used it to check temp over a few days in and...
  19. Dazzelknight

    Lidl Red Grape Juice for winemaking

    All il say is go for it ! The winexpert kits are 1st class, the £100 kits taste as good as any £15 bottle of wine..I recommend leaving them to mature for at least 6 months,,, if u can !