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  1. starseeker

    Keg or bottle my 1st Stout

    As above ,you can then stash a few away and forget about them for a few months
  2. starseeker

    Greg Hughes Rosemary and Vanilla IPA

    Might be better that way
  3. starseeker

    Bought myself an Easter present

    I have a lot of catching up to do ,1 x fridge freezer :rolleyes:
  4. starseeker

    New Mmeber

    Welcome to the forum acheers.
  5. starseeker

    Hi from new member and returning brewer

    Good to have you here
  6. starseeker


    I will take a look at TSP for interest :)
  7. starseeker


    But apparently VWP is perfectly fine to use on SS without fear of damage etc
  8. starseeker

    Brew started too hot

    If it had got to 37 deg then it would be time to be concerned ,27 deg will be fine
  9. starseeker


    VWP is a excellent steriliser and of course it also cleans as well ,also it is very well priced ,no point in trying to take short cuts
  10. starseeker

    Gushing bottles

    At least with pet bottles you can degas your beer over a few evenings until they are stable
  11. starseeker

    Hi from North Yorkshire

    Good to have you here acheers.
  12. starseeker

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2024

    Bottled 20l of Butty Bach clone , Total = 1562
  13. starseeker

    Snake oil?

    You would be far better off putting a inline filter on your incoming mains ,which do actually work :)
  14. starseeker

    New Fresh Ale category claimed

    I have been reading this thread with interest ,but it seems the most important thing ,what does it taste like has been ignored ,or maybe nobody has tried it ? Well as i am down in the West country, i do sometimes see it and it is delicious ,as they say ,fresh ,a bit crisp and served at a colder...
  15. starseeker

    Ideal workbench height

    I would also take into consideration if thinking of getting a AIO ,that you will have to lift the malt tube and sparge , (if you choose to ) so you may have to use steps ,or set it all a bit lower .
  16. starseeker

    What Killed the Head?

    One week is no where near enough to carb your beer, give them another couple of weeks in a warm place and things will be very different , most people give there beer , two weeks fermenting ,two carbonating and two conditioning .
  17. starseeker

    Bottling with or without drops?

    Drops are fine ,but sugar is much cheaper
  18. starseeker

    Back to brewing…

    Good to have you here
  19. starseeker

    Bread Porn

    I have ground a bit of crystal and put that in the dough
  20. starseeker

    Bit of a rant

    Do they not burn turf in some power stations over there ?