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  1. terrym

    Wasp stings

    Nippon Ant Powder liberally 'painted' around the entrance to the nest should kill off the nest, as the wasps take it in with them. If you dont want to approach the entrance to the nest you could do what I did which is to tie a paint brush to the end of a garden cane. And the foam is useless.
  2. terrym

    Pressure barrels

    That reminded me of LPG spheres..... Hope yours have a bund wall wink...
  3. terrym

    Other hobbies

    Car wax?! ashock1
  4. terrym

    Sterilising Tablets

    SDS here
  5. terrym

    Pressure barrels

    I won't disappoint.wink... My suggestion to @DavidDetroit is to read this and the rest of the thread And perhaps the other poll started by Kelper here...
  6. terrym

    Its too hot!

    It hit 36*C today in the garden in the shade (via my Inkbird thingy). On days like this we stay indoors. At the mo (6.20pm) its clouded over but it still 29.6*C. The house is hot. Meh! Anyone south of Watford considering having a brew day with a 'normal' yeast without temperature control is...
  7. terrym

    Keg King's Round Table

    @CEO Keg King As a casual observer on what is being written within this thread, but with no real interest in any of the products you or indeed your competitor sells, I would say that you have now emphatically made your position clear concerning your competitor and their products, and continually...
  8. terrym

    Pressure barrel CO2 usage

    Isn't gas bulb usage a function of - whether you initially primed with sugar or force carbonate with bulbs - beer temperature (beer at 2*C can hold nearly twice as much CO2 as beer at 20*C) - how much beer is in the PB - how much carbonation you like in your beer - how quickly you draw off your...
  9. terrym

    Comparing hop prices

    Most of wot I said in a PM earlier today... This is the sort of thing that needs to be kept simple or it becomes a nightmare to maintain and/or it gets progressively out of date and becomes less useful. Been there, done that By example if there are 10 suppliers and 30 different hops, that's 300...
  10. terrym

    Newbie question incoming!!

    Looks done and its clearing too by the looks of things. So I suggest you follow my earlier advice in post 5. But if you are dry hopping go for it now, leave it 4 days in the warm and then 2 days in the coldest place you have before you package.
  11. terrym

    Newbie question incoming!!

    Stirring not necessary.
  12. terrym

    Hop pellets

    I often used to make up a hop tea ( more a sludge) and then chuck the lot in after it had cooled down. Go for it. athumb..
  13. terrym

    Newbie question incoming!!

    At fermentation temperatures which could have been in the range 22-28*C your beer is very likely to have finished after 5 days, probably a lot less. Be brave, take a sample or just lower a sanitised hydrometer into the beer (thats what I do) for an SG reading. If the SG is around around 1.010...
  14. terrym

    Bakers yeast alcohol tolerance

    @LED_ZEP Some of your post above is not correct. We left the EU on 31Jan2020. That means we have no political representation in the EU. However we are in a 'transition period' where we are basically bound by EU regulations, and its legal system. This period expires on 31Dec2020, with or without...
  15. terrym

    Clearing Temperature

    In my experience nearly all beers clear with time, irrespective of temperature. lower tempertaures just means its quicker to clear. So if, for example, you follow the 2+2+2 rule, by the time four weeks from packaging is finished your beer should be more or less clear if not fully clear. But if...
  16. terrym

    Brew pot

    It takes about 0.63kw-h to evaporate 1 kg (1 litre) of water. So over an hour if you are using a 2.5kw heat input, in theory you should be able to boil off about 4 litres of water. But that's without heat loss from the pot. I reckon to top up my pot with about 1 - 1.5 litres water during an...
  17. terrym

    So do I ferment in the fridge this week or not?

    Suggest you look at the weekly weather forecast before you put a brew on (to avoid a cooling problem), that's what I do. Some don't brew at all in the middle of summer irrespective. Anyway you could put your FV in water in a laundry or buiders trug half filled with water and use the towel...
  18. terrym

    Brew pot

    It is already. The hob is rated at 6.4kW and is on a common supply with the double oven.
  19. terrym

    Brew pot

    I don't think my AEG hob is as sophisticated as yours. Its well over 10 years old and was due to be replaced this year as part of a kitchen refub which hasn't happened yet because of Covid. Its very analogue. The heating element(s) are either on or off governed by the panel heat setting and the...
  20. terrym

    Brew pot

    1. It didn't seem right, which was good enough for me. Plus the instructions seem to indicate the pot base should always be placed within the ring zone. 2. I wasn't sure whether I could get a boil going with a larger pot, and even with the one I bought (before I bought it) wasn't even 100% sure...