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  1. HarryFlatters

    Russell Gas - CO2 supplier in East of Scotland

    I use a company in Livingston called Lothian Supply Co, £45 initially and £5 refills on 6kg bottles.
  2. HarryFlatters

    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

    Thanks @strange-steve - I'm trying to use up what I've got and then put in a bigger order later on to build up stock, hence the 40% Munich. I have some biscuit malt that I could add to up the toasty/bready notes... I'll have a think about it.
  3. HarryFlatters

    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

    Hi @strange-steve , grain bill is as follows... FERMENTABLES: 2.5 kg - Pilsner (50%) 2 kg - Munich Light (40%) 0.25 kg - Melanoidin (5%) 0.25 kg - Carafa II (5%)
  4. HarryFlatters

    Beginners Guide to Water Treatment (plus links to more advanced water treatment in post #1)

    Hey folks. I'm looking to brew a Dunkel in the next few days and I'm confused by which water profile I should be looking at - it's technically a lager, but it's also dark and malty, so I'm not sure what I should be looking at. Any advice?
  5. HarryFlatters


    My latest two brews (my normal APA and Munich Helles recipies) have been in the keg a fortnight, and I have to say that I'm very impressed. I used the CML dried Voss in both, and while I feel it suits the APA much better, the lager is very good considering how young it is. Neither cleared...
  6. HarryFlatters

    Longest period in fermentor?

    I left a beer in the fermentor for 56 days when my daughter was in hospital, it was absolutely fine.
  7. HarryFlatters

    PureBrew Starbrite and Britewort.... or just a whirlflock tablet?

    I normally just use Irish moss in the boil, and cold crash to clear up beers. However, the two Kveik beers I made recently didn't want to clear up at all so I used Starbrite and it really worked well.
  8. HarryFlatters

    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    19 litres hard seltzer 19 litres Gerwegian lager (helles recipe fermented with Voss yeast) 19 litres Ameriwegian Pale Ale (APA recipe with Voss) 11,398 litres
  9. HarryFlatters

    Anyone waiting for Hopcat?

    Mines took AGES to arrive, but arrive it did.
  10. HarryFlatters

    Cost of brewing equipment and ingredients in the UK

    Chest freezer from Facebook marketplace for £30, no brand taps from eBay for £70, timber for the collar was £20 from a local merchant, gas was £45 and £5 refills, regulator was maybe £50, can't remember where from. JG connectors and beer/gas line weren't that much, jubilee clips, wood stain, no...
  11. HarryFlatters

    Hopcat 50L for £399 with hop spider, jacket, chiller and whirlpool arm

    I really like it, it's simple to use and makes what I think is damn fine beer. Only issue is that the filter that plugs into the pump inlet is far too small and I had to make a bigger one, but other than it it's plain sailing.
  12. HarryFlatters

    Cost of brewing equipment and ingredients in the UK

    As Leon said, grain isn't expensive (IMHO, I've not benchmarked against grain costs elsewhere) and I built a 4 keg Keezer for probably £250 or so. Kegs are £52 each refurbished from The Homebrew Company in packs of 3, and unless they're ruined, never lose much value so think of them as an...
  13. HarryFlatters

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    That would require me to brew a batch of something like Tennants and I don't think I could bring myself to do it :laugh8: Kiddin', there's no point getting upset about it. The best drink is the drink you want to drink, the way you want to drink it. Be it macro brewed lager, or neat Bells, or...
  14. HarryFlatters

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    I know that my Dad (71 tomorrow) is actually shocked at the quality of beer I can produce at home, but his friend (74) absolutely refuses to try it based on preconceptions of terrible kits from the 1980s.
  15. HarryFlatters


    I pitched a sachet of dried Kveik Voss at 08:30, there were signs of activity within an hour, and now it's gone mental. This yeast is crazy o_O
  16. HarryFlatters


    I'm running a little low on stock after not being able to brew for a few months, and I'm considering doing something lagery and an APA with some Voss I bought from CML. My question is, can I do the lagery one at 25C and hope it finishes in a week, and while that's going, brew the APA so it's...
  17. HarryFlatters

    Crushing Grain Without a Mill

    I've used my blender before, which made a very fine grind. I wouldn't recommend it, but it made beer. If you do use something like that, use a BIAB bag if you have one else you'll end up with a very cloudy wort because of the flour produced.
  18. HarryFlatters

    Hard Seltzer

    A wee update; this turned out remarkably well. In the end, I didn't use frozen fruit, I simply tipped a litre of mixed tropical fruit juice in the keg, racked the prison hooch on top, force carbonated it and stuck it in the keezer. It tastes EXACTLY like Lilt :laugh8:
  19. HarryFlatters

    Corny keg question

    That's normal, mines does it too. I'm also paranoid about losing all my gas at the moment as I will be unable to get a refil for the forseeable, so I'm switching off my gas when I'm not using the system. I turn it on periodically to ensure that everything is suitably carbonated when I want a beer.
  20. HarryFlatters

    American Pale

    I like it in this pale, I haven't tried that many :laugh8:acheers.