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  1. Covrich

    Common brewing practices you’ve never done

    For me I found a consistent odd flavour from a few of the strains I have tried just as @strange-steve says.. Maybe it is a palette thing? But for me every brew I made with them contain a profile which I am not overly keen on and is less clean. The Kolsh one I tried twice, one was decent the...
  2. Covrich

    Common brewing practices you’ve never done

    I have Never; Drank HB whilst brewing HB Owned or used a trial jar for hydrometer samples, I throw it straight in. Kegged a beer used ant forced method of cabonation Made any beer with a stupid strength like RIS And the Big one I have Never been convinced by the quality of any CML yeast I have...
  3. Covrich

    What causes gushers?

    Agreed with alot AA says , I would say I have had two types I woudl say are gushers 1) - absolute fountains which go like mt versuvius - for me these tend to be unique to that bottle so in other words not clean and thats caused the isolated issue, these tend to rip up any bottle trub too. 2)...
  4. Covrich

    Stinky Shoes

    So if my kids refuse to bath or shower I can just get the star san spray bottle out
  5. Covrich


    My dad used to make Cooper Ceveza which was very pale although I have to say tasted very bland but you could try hop it, canadian blonde is like said pale again bland, so I agree dry hop as it needs that boost.
  6. Covrich

    Anyone waiting for Hopcat?

    Hmm interesting I am really interested in the hpocat 45l however I am put off by the fact it won't be here until november if history repeats itself!! I do no spare now on the 50l pot and burner and get 70-75% efficiency not too bothered about efficinecy more consistentcy. Do you need a...
  7. Covrich

    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    20L saison 14380
  8. Covrich

    Craig tube suspended

    Havent watched him for a year or so but used to enjoy his laid back content.. had a few early brewing tips from him. Sometimes he'd knock a kit together and be drinking it 6 days later so didnt always inspire to be the greatest example sometimes but lol I enjoyed his content and style.
  9. Covrich ferment

    Saison yeasts can get very hungry as they ferment low and in wamer conditions too.. I just did a saison and admitedly just pitched it and it went off at 26 and went up to 28 but t just flew.. not took a reading yet but I think its gonan be done as it was lethal
  10. Covrich

    Joke of the day.

    My wife left me for my obsession with the Monkees I thought she was joking at first Then I saw her face!
  11. Covrich

    Its too hot!

    Obvioulsy it was because you went up the isle the wring way
  12. Covrich

    Hobgoblin Ruby Red clone

    I have seen so many clones for this mostly with styrian goldings in as well as fuggles and some cascade in! I think this style you'd need a good or right liquid yeast. I think a lot of the clones I seen were burton, i think the best dry would be s04 but I just dont think you get great results...
  13. Covrich

    Is Liquid Yeast Better?

    I am not going to pretend especially with my life circumstances that I prefer teh ease of dry yeast.. Howeevr there have been a few styles where liquid has been the superior option and one I coulnd;t create with dry. Personally I love London Ale III for ewxample and could never get that...
  14. Covrich

    Anyone waiting for Hopcat?

    Funny this thread has peaked my interest as I am considering moving to an electric brewer from my burner.. looks pretty tidy
  15. Covrich

    Greg Hughes recipes

    I have tended to use them as a template but generally had good results English IPA good, Saison was okay but have actually done better with other reciepies witbier was good oatmeal stout decent ESB I think I did this one and it was pretty good I did a Weiss or krystal wiess cant remember which...
  16. Covrich

    What else can go wrong/advice please.

    I would thaw it out and take a gravity and a taste I would be inclined to take it off the trub add some yeast stir it in and bottle it perhaps
  17. Covrich

    How Tall are You.

    6ft 4"
  18. Covrich

    AG Brewhouse Efficiency - What do You Get?

    Full BIAB no sparge I have been getting around average of 72% give or take normally
  19. Covrich

    Looking for a Ruby ale kit

    ST Peters Ruby is a decent kit brew
  20. Covrich

    School opening. [poll]

    Not sure I believe it to be fact just yet, whilst the immunity length of time is unknown you will still have antibodies to protect you from it. Otherwise households would constantly reinfect one another. I was talking to a doctor mate about this, he cannot get hi head around teh thinking he...