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    Brewing with river water.. Good/bad idea

    Spring water is okay to use. In my early brewing efforts I collected Malvern spring water to brew. I regret that back then I had other major issues with my brewing that voided the usefulness of the trial (fermentation temperature control). Martin
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    Brew Monk Magnus 45L - an unofficial review

    I have the brew monk to (but the smaller one). Regarding temperature. At full power it tends to overshoot. Sarah pantry suggests a useful power scheme in her guide to this system (full power to get up to temp, very low power to maintain). Also I have found that without the recirc pump...
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    Common brewing practices you’ve never done

    Sour. Never made a sour. Or a Brett. Never used oak chips, or otherwise aged in wood. Never used foraged ingredients.
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    Measuring mash pH and temperature?

    Some ph meters promise automatic temperature correction (atc). Like you, I hear much on this that I not sully understand....
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    How important is the yeast?

    On Friday I enjoyed two saison from fellow brewers. I'm now drinking a hefeweizen. Lovely beers. All about the yeast. Just bottled a ttl clone I did with Scottish ale I clearly know nothing. Martin.
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    Cost per pint

    Scottish 80' - grain£4, yeast £3, hops home grown, water treatment 50p. 44 bottles at 17p per pint. American wheat - grain £5, yeast £3, hops £5, water acid 50p. 40 bottles at 34p per pint. NEIPA? Could easily spiral up towards 80p/pint. The key determinants are - whether you can buy in bulk...
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    Martin's Brewday

    Hi Bob, my most recent beer (see above TTL clone v2) in 3 days from 1052 to 1017, drank the trial jar and it tasted of....butter! So clearly on day3 there is diacetyl in the beer at detectable levels. I've ramped the temperature up to 24C and I expect by day 5 this will have gone. I'd never...
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    Scary stuff: 10/1 American Wheat s/h El Dorado 23l 23/2 - Maris Helles 23l 29/2 American Wheat s/h El Dorado v2 23l 14/3 Trappist SIngle 23l 1/4 Twisted Knickers (Bitter and Twisted CLone) 23l 14/4 Proper English Bitter 23l 29/5 TTL CLone 23l and Wakatu American Wheat 23l (douible brew day!)...
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    Martin's Brewday

    Got 23L at 1052. Pitched CML Beior (again!). The aroma steep Celeia from Brook Farm Hops (Brew Club bulk buy) were top notch! In two days at 18C it has gone from 1052 to 1018!! 65% attenuation in two days. My last beior fermented brew (see above) stalled at around 68% attenuation, so I'd...
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    Bottling time this evening...

    Podcasts. That's what gets me through bottling.
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    * * * Annoucement. * * *

    Hi Chippy Tea, please can you add me to the bridge. Thanks Martin
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    Martin's Brewday

    Lost 6l to grain absorption, right on the money. Preboil 24.5l at 1055. Shooting for 1047 so liquored back at start of boil with 3l. Dog now clean. But not happy.
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    Martin's Brewday

    Brew Day. TTL clone, version 2. I screwed up version 1 with bottling when the yeast hadn't finished (Windsor) so ended up with bombs. Recipe here Variance from recipe: mashing longer with 22l for 75 min (due to dog walk), sparge up to 27l, will be using CML beior yeast as I have it in. The...
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    Anywhere in Suffolk Sell Malt??

    If I can help out, I will. I'm in Norwich and have just bought 25kg each of MO, Wheat Malt, and German Pilsner. I'm a lot lighter on crystals and specialities as I tend to buy them in lower quantities as I need them. Another option would be to approach a local craft brewery, buy a few beers...
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    Anywhere in Suffolk Sell Malt??

    Anglian....not Anglican....
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    Anywhere in Suffolk Sell Malt??

    If you ever get as far as enemy territory (n#rwich), there's good life homebrew ( limited but local). Look up Anglican craft brewers on Facebook and find some other local brewers..
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    Bottle art - I want to see your best homemade labels

    I'll post a few of mine later. The club find it useful if we include: brew date, OG, bottle date, FG, bjcp category/style. Bad puns are welcomed, but not essential. In our swaps the best labels get special mention. MIne never have!
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    CO2 regulator with a splitter for two kegs

    I think that the 'elegant' solution for this might be to use the kegland inline secondary regulator, or any number of chinese copies of the same: Link Having a couple of these secondary regulators would give full control. In reality, I'd force carb (rock and roll), vent, and then hook both up...