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  1. Yellow Car

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Portable beer garden anyone?
  2. Yellow Car

    Getting S30 cylenders

    You can get an adapter that goes on a Sodastream bottle which adapts it to fit S30 barrel valves. You'll obviously need a Sodastream bottle as well, but at least you can get them filled locally. I think Sodastream...
  3. Yellow Car

    What razor do you use.

    The razorpit looks like a reincarnation of Lillicraps. Lillicraps hone
  4. Yellow Car

    Bit of a mistake

    I've made slider with sloes extracted from sloe gin. It took a while to get fermenting, but I think that's because the yeast had to get into the fruit. I don't see you'll have that problem. Keep us posted...
  5. Yellow Car

    New member: James Read

    Freezing them and defrosting might give you a better yield, as the juice-containing cells rupture when frozen. I've only used grapes once, but got 1.9l of juice from 2.4kg of grapes.
  6. Yellow Car

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Yep, dived the Thistlegorm in about 1994 while the cargo was pretty intact. The trucks and motorcycles were obviously corroded but intact. There is also a steam locomotive on the seabed which rolled off the deck, while the carriages are still in situ.
  7. Yellow Car

    DIY cheapest Yoghurt?

    Well the prices have flipped in ASDA - the Lancashire Farms yoghurt which was £1 per kilo is now £1.80, and a litre of UHT milk is £1.15, so have now made a few batches. Clean an empty Lancashire Farms tub and sanitise with StarSan. Scoop a desert spoon from a tub of bought yoghurt into the...
  8. Yellow Car

    bad batch of beer

    As above - no-rinse cleansers are the answer - not sure if it was obvious from the above that Chemsan, Starsan, and some others don't require rinsing, and don't need the 15 mins contact time the the likes of Youngs steriliser state. So if your bottles are clean before bottling day it only takes...
  9. Yellow Car

    British Gas owner Centrica profits hit £3.3bn for 2022.

    Yep - like a brewer selling beer at the 'bar company' bar for £8 a pint, and explaining there's only a 20p profit margin on that. While making the same beer for £2 a pint in their 'brewing company' and selling it to the 'bar company' for £7.80. Lo and behold, yes the bar does only make 20p a...
  10. Yellow Car

    Small batch wine from grapes

    This was looking pretty stable and clear, and I need a couple of demijohns, so I bottled this last night. Being in a newer Wilko demijohn (I think 5l rather than a gallon) it filled 6 bottles, with a glass left over - so it had to be sampled... It's certainly drinkable already - but the plan...
  11. Yellow Car

    Slider from sloe gin sloes

    Bottled this yesterday - a total of 6 weeks after adding the sloes. It looks as though the yeast had to find its way into the sloes before they fermented as all the bubbled were coming from the holes in the berries. I also had a nibble of a spent berry before adding to the compost, and it was...
  12. Yellow Car


    Ranked as the worst delivery company 2022 in the MSE poll too...
  13. Yellow Car

    Picture or Video of the day.

    I don't think I've ever seen a decent photo, even at postcard size, taken on 110 film. I know there was a Pentax 110 SLR, so maybe that could get decent results on a slow enough film?
  14. Yellow Car

    "Left-overs" Mixed Fruit Wine

    Looks good. Did you sneak a taste?
  15. Yellow Car

    First time brewer

    The bigger brass valve is an S30 valve, which has a pressure relief valve and a way of adding CO2. The other one has just a pressure relief. So if you're definitely not going to be adding CO2 then I'd personally just use the simple pressure relief one as it has fewer potential places to leak...
  16. Yellow Car

    First time brewer

    There's a very comprehensive thread on here about using pressure barrels. I'd suggest cracking the tap open a fraction 24 hours after filling to check that it's well pressurised. If it is, then great. If not then you still have time to tighten the lid or whatever else needs fixing while the...
  17. Yellow Car

    First time brewer

    How are you planning to store it? Bottled - it will last a long time. In a pressure barrel - several months if you keep the air out (which in practice means you need some way of adding CO2). In a pressure barrel without CO2 it will keep for months until you use enough beer to drop the gas...
  18. Yellow Car


    They're not getting great press coverage... BBC News - Evri says sorry for UK parcel delivery delays
  19. Yellow Car

    Slider from sloe gin sloes

    Not wanting to waste the sloes (and the gin that they had soaked-up!) from my first sloe gin, I thought I'd have a go at a Slider - sloe-infused cider. I started with a basic turbo cider with 4L of Asda Smart Price long-life juice (150g sugar/litre) plus 165g of sugar to make about 4.2L in a...
  20. Yellow Car

    First time brewer

    With/without an airlock, I'd suggest it's still not a good idea to ferment on carpet without some sort of drip tray underneath. Doesn't need to be fancy, just a patio pot tray from a garden centre will do. Sooner or later you'll brew something which will make a bid for freedom. =unhappy wife.