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  1. terrym

    What's your view on Plastic Pressure Barrels (PBs)?

    Since the Covid lockdown and an influx of new members the Forum has had an increase in the number of queries about malfunctioning PBs. So without wishing to influence the outcome ;) I thought a poll might be useful. And this covers all PBs from budget to expensive with all the trimmings, 2" cap...
  2. terrym

    Basic 2" Cap Plastic Pressure Barrel Spares On Offer

    My last 2” Youngs basic plastic PB has failed and it won’t be replaced. I started out with four identical PBs and have accumulated some spares, some new, some recovered and therefore used. Note the caps are basic caps with a simple relief valve, and are NOT caps fitted with an injection valve. I...
  3. terrym

    Brewing in Hot Weather

    Since we approach the warmest months of the year, it seemed appropriate for a thread about brewing in hot weather, which might be of interest to new brewers and some who have restarted after a few years out. As far as I am aware there are only a few beer yeasts that will happily ferment above...
  4. terrym

    AG Brewhouse Efficiency - What do You Get?

    My AG brewing technique is stove top BIAB in my kitchen, based on an 11 litre pot which is the largest size that will comfortably sit on the electric hob. I normally follow the mash with a sparge, then give the grain a firm but not excessive pressing to extract as much liquor out as I can before...
  5. terrym

    Poll - What is your expectation of surviving Covid-19 should you get infected

    I thought it would be interesting to find out member's expectations, at the present time, of their likelihood of surviving Covid 19 should they catch it, assuming there is no vaccine and sooner or later we will slowly come out of lockdown, and become increasingly exposed to it. For some this may...
  6. terrym

    Gypsum Additions

    So the question is to all you folks who add gypsum (calcium sulphate) as part of your brewing water treatment regime, do you only use 'food grade' or 'brewing' gypsum or do some of you go and get a measure from that old bag of skimming plaster that you have in the shed, given that building...
  7. terrym

    Poll - Who Racks off Beer to a Second FV

    I wondered how many other brewers on here rack off their beer to a second FV for a few days before they eventually package for whatever reason (but most likely to help get clearer beer into bottles or kegs). Note this is not the same as transfer to a bottling bucket I used to do it on most...
  8. terrym

    Using Amarillo Hops for Flavour

    I have a question about the flavour contribution from Amarillo hops compared to Cascade. I have a standard beer I now regularly brew which uses Summit for bittering and Cascade (probably US) for 15 and 3 minute additions, so the Cascade is more about flavour than bittering. I have bought some...
  9. terrym

    Cost of Beer Kits

    I've had an occasional look at this thread over the last few days and noticed that one kit recommendation was nearly £33 which, with p&p if you just bought that one item, would be £39 total delivered. That...
  10. terrym

    Low Alcohol Homebrew Beer

    I have been asked to brew a hoppy low alcohol beer about 1.5%ABV. Given my experience of the commercial very low alcohol beers (about 0.5%) is that would rather drink a decent cup of tea or coffee or a glass of tonic water I am not filled with too much enthusiasm. However I was thinking of...
  11. terrym


    LARGER (adjective) means greater or bigger than LAGER (noun) is a type of beer usually fermented and conditioned at low temperature often with a bottom fermenting lager yeast, and frequently discussed on this Forum.
  12. terrym

    RIP Ginger Baker

    Sadly Ginger Baker, probably the UKs finest drummer in recent times, has died . This obituary sums up his career He was a prolific smoker as many of you will know and not surprisingly contracted COPD in recent years, but although he had...
  13. terrym

    Safe Brewing

    Most homebrewers are aware of the importance of Health and Safety at Work when actually at work and should be equally aware of the role personal responsibility has to play in this, but when they are through the door into the outside world perhaps sometimes forget they may be just as vulnerable...
  14. terrym

    The Shard: Free-climber spotted scaling London landmark Idiots like this need locking up in my opinion. Not just 'spoken to' by the police if that was correct. Where's the deterrent in that? Climbing prison cell walls for a few months might provide a thought provoking experience. Anyway not only...
  15. terrym

    Time to Move On

    I’ve decided to move on. I shan’t participate in forum discussions any more, although I may look in from time to time. I’ve done my stint of helping beginners and answering queries. Exceptionally I helped someone the other day via a PM he/she sent me, spent some time on a reply, but received...
  16. terrym

    Leaky Plastic Pressure Barrels

    Plastic PBs, they have been about for years, Beerspheres, Boots (both now gone), budget PBs and currently King Kegs and Wilko. There will be others. However, you love them or you don’t. They are relatively easy to clean and keep fresh especially with a 4” cap, they cut out all the fiddling about...
  17. terrym

    5 litre Batches of Beer. Why?

    I occasionally read on here that folks are brewing 5 litre batches of beer. I have to say that I can’t understand why it’s worth the effort for that small volume, given my minimum is about 12 litres. If you are doing all grain then a lot of the activities will take just as long I guess, and the...
  18. terrym

    Kit Review Section - Broken Links

    @Chippy_Tea We have a kit review section which still has lots of broken links and so the reviews cannot be accessed, which is a shame considering how useful it can be when folks want to know what other members thought of a kit ...
  19. terrym

    10% off at The Homebrew Company

    Currently 10% off most (all?) stock at The Homebrew Company. Not stated how long it will last. HBF discount code doesn't work, but is probably immobilised during the sale. As usual order value must exceed £70 before free shipping kicks in.
  20. terrym

    Adding all the IBUs at Flame Out or Later

    I am not an AG brewer but do make up extract brews from time to time and use the Brewers Friend Calculator to help me, particularly when calculating bitterness i.e. IBUs. My understanding from using this has been that there is negligible bitterness added to the wort after flame out, provided...