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  1. Edison

    Wyeast 1318 London III Lagging

    Hello all! I’m not panicking yet, just considering my options, but I pitched this yeast 24 hours ago and there is zero activity yet, confirmed by refractometer readings staying at OG. Has anybody else had a long lag stage when reusing this yeast? Batch was 19L of 1.052 simple pale ale at a...
  2. Edison

    Planning a Raspberry Wheat

    Hello all! Planning on brewing something fast and refreshing and maybe something my good wife might try. I've brewed the GH recipe before and I'm tweaking it a bit based on some ideas I've read and other recipes. I normally brew 19l batches for kegging, but my plan is to get a 12l batch...
  3. Edison

    Fermentation Chamber Temperature Probe Location

    For those of you who have a temperature controlled converted fridge/freezer, what are your preferred positions for your temperature probe? I used to put the probe directly into a thermowell in the FV but I was finding sometimes I had problems with hysteresis with the delay between the...
  4. Edison

    Elderflower Ale Suggestions?

    Hello all, I was planning on brewing a more traditional English IPA tomorrow, but I have noticed I seem to have an abundance of elderflowers growing in my hedge at the bottom of the garden! That got me to thinking and I’m now considering making a refreshing pale ale, about 4.5%, MO base and...