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  1. Greg B

    Random carbonation

    Hello all I've just cracked open some of my most recent brew. 40 pints of Coopers kit with DME which I primed with 170g of table sugar. Some bottles are opening like champers and have a great fizz. Others are flat. What's going on? I primed in a bin and mixed well before bottling and have...
  2. Greg B

    Table sugar equivalent of Coopers carb drops

    Hello all I can't seem to find a straight answer to this one so thought I'd come and ask the experts. 🙂 For my first ever brew I used a Coopers Canadian Blonde kit and primed with Coopers carb drops. I used a mixture of 1.5 drops and 2 drops per 500ml flip top bottle. I much preferred the...
  3. Greg B

    Low OG. What's wrong?

    Hello All 🙂 I've just kicked off my 2nd brew and have a rather low OG. It's a puzzling me. So, for my first ever effort I used a Coopers kit (Canadian Blonde), 1kg of extra light DME and the kit yeast. I screwed up and mixed everything in 2 litres of cold water, some of the DME clumped and my...
  4. Greg B

    Lager-like ale

    Hi I'm just starting off on the road to brewing my first beer. I'm not set up for lagering yet and I'm warned away from trying it as my first attempt. I'm told I must get used to brewing ales first and then I can work towards lagering with a fermenting fridge set up. Trouble is....I don't...